2016 Ig Nobel prize will be announced at 23 am as early as 6 yvette yates

2016 Ig Nobel prize will be announced at 23 on the morning of 6 annual "funny Nobel prize" to come! This year’s awards ceremony will take place in the eastern United States time 22, 6 p.m. (Beijing time 23 days morning 6) held at the Harvard University’s Saunders theatre, then sina will also be simultaneously broadcast graphics, fun and interesting "Ig Nobel for you". What is the Ig Nobel prize? The Ig Nobel prize "(Ig Nobel Prizes) and the" Nobel prize for humor ", is interesting imitation of the Nobel prize, the science humor magazine" Research Report "(Annals unbelievable of Improbable Research, AIR) host, held in September each year" joke "awards. The awards are dedicated to the "funny at first glance, but also thought-provoking" research, many of the judges are the real Nobel prize winner. There are also the winner of the Nobel Prize and later became a real winner. According to the official website of the activities, the establishment of this award is to pay tribute to those unusual people, to pay tribute to the imagination, and inspire people to science, medicine and technology in the field of attention. The Ig Nobel prize the earliest ideas from "Research Report" unbelievable founder Mark Abraham (Marc Abrahams) for the first time, he started this project in 1991, and has served as the person in charge of each session of the ceremony. At that time, his idea was to award the award to 10 "can not and should not be copied" research projects. The prize annually awarded 10 awards, covering many fields, including physics, including the real Nobel prize for chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace prize, but in addition to other areas, such as public health, engineering, biology and interdisciplinary research. In addition to the first Ig Nobel prize has been awarded three "virtual Achievement Award", then all the prizes to the research based on the real world. In 2010, Andre Heim (Sir Andre Geim) became the first to receive both the Ig Nobel prize, but also to get the real prize for the scholar of the year of the year of. At the Harvard University Saunders theater in September, there will be 1100 spectators to the scene to watch the winners receive their prizes. According to tradition, the honored guests are the real winners. At the beginning of the ceremony, the venue was chosen at a lecture hall at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but was later identified at the Harvard University’s Saunders theater. The whole ceremony process is full of all kinds of funny scripts and links, including the so-called sweet Miss Temple (Miss Sweetie Poo), which is a little girl. When it came to the time that the speaker was more than a predetermined time, Miss Pu would shout, "stop."! Too boring!" So much for the lengthy meetings and speeches. The end of the awards ceremony is usually ended with an interesting statement: "if.相关的主题文章: