2017 AFC Champions League group phase out team will play the Asian European Cup tournament. imjpmig

2017 AFC Champions League group phase out team will play the Asian European Cup tournament. AFC Champions League will have a new change source: football newspaper reporter Han Bing reported that in addition to change AFC Champions League places, 2 years of which will AFC Champions League competition system reform in the future? The answer was clear at the end of last year, the AFC announced early reforms, involving military expansion in Asia Cup, AFC Champions League increases the bonus and advancing the cup position. Increase AFC Champions League bonus to implement this year, AFC Champions League champion will get $5 million bonus of $3 million, runner up, the knockout team bonuses also significantly increased. The Asian Cup expansion and bonuses will be officially implemented in 2019 in the United Arab Emirates Asian Cup, teams from 16 increased to 24 teams, the championship prize will be $10 million and $6 million respectively. Of course, the fans are more concerned or AFC Champions League and Asia cup. In AFC Champions League, the AFC will invite more football league teams in the. This year things have each sub AFC Champions League 12 football team, just west 6 football championship team failed to pass the AFC Club qualification in East Asia is Indonesia for FIFA lost in AFC Champions League qualification comprehensive ban. But next year, the AFC will push the 24 East Asian Association has AFC Champions League team, this also means that the qualification is still the 3 round, and the football team in order to give more opportunities for exercise, the AFC technology ranked the forefront of the association, there will be more teams to participate in qualifying. Prior to this, there is a voice within the AFC, the requirements of the technical ranks of the top 4 football associations are the implementation of the 2+2 qualification, but did not get recognized by afc. Since the teams surge, and East Asia in football team strength is limited, in fact, for Japan and South Korea Australia’s four major league teams, participate in the possibility of qualifying was eliminated very low. Moreover, even eliminated from qualifying and group phase, can participate in the new Yalian cup, team can win another InterContinental award. The AFC has been determined at the end of last year, the beginning of 2017, all in the League AFC Champions League group phase stage and the qualifying stage were eliminated in the team will participate in the tournament. This race is completely copied to Europe, the team defeated the Qualification Tournament in Yalian Cup group phase, AFC Champions League group phase was eliminated in the team can attend Yalian cup knockout cup, which will greatly enhance the level of competition. Although the AFC has promoted the event together with AFC Champions League Yalian cup bonuses, but whether it is in the quality of the game or the overall economic benefit level are lack of enough attraction of the AFC cup, seems to be in a short period of time can not escape the essence of chicken ribs event. What’s more, the cup competition teams and the number of AFC Champions League and exactly the same, how the future by increasing the team adjusted are the problem. Means Yalian Cup group phase from the current 8 groups of 32 teams to 12 groups of 48 teams, while the strength gap between the Asian football team is too big, Asia Cup is likely from the playoffs completely became the 8 major league team won the East Asian situation.相关的主题文章: