5 Fun Things To Do In Frankfurt-christie stevens

Travel-and-Leisure Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany, is often seen as just a gateway to the rest of Europe. But this diverse city has so much more to offer from art and culture to mesmerising sights and memorable experiences. Here are five fun experiences for travellers to try while in Frankfurt during their Germany holidays: View the city from up high: The Main Tower is the only high-rise in the city that is open to the public. The 650-foot high viewing platform at the top of the tower provides the most breath-taking spectacle of the cityscape. Locals even go so far as to claim that there is no better way to see Frankfurt. Take the elevator to the top and enjoy the view, especially grand in the evening, with millions of lights twinkling in the twilight. For a great experience, admire the view and then grab a snack at the Main Towers restaurant. Visit the Goethe House: Germanys most important writer and polymath, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in Frankfurt in 1749. The original house of the Goethe family was destroyed in World War II, but was fully restored later. Today, you can see the original furniture, books and paintings that belonged to the Goethe family. Special attractions include the writing desk where Goethe is said to have written his famous work, The Sorrows of Young Werthers. Drink to your health at a cider tavern: Apfelwein, a light alcoholic apple cider is the signature drink of Frankfurt and a must-try during your Germany holidays. Called ebbelwoi by locals, it makes for great refreshment at any time of the day. The district of Sachenhausen, south of the Old Town, is home to some of the best and oldest cider taverns in the city and even just visiting them makes for quite a unique experience that you shouldnt miss. Shop till you drop: The ultimate shopping destination in Frankfurt is a busy pedestrian zone known as the Zeil. Here, you can shop at chic boutiques, international department chains or even the Zeil Galerie, a modern shopping centre that boasts of a total of 10 floors. Called the Fifth Avenue of Germany you can update your wardrobe or spend hours simply window shopping, or even people watching. For those whod rather pick up souvenirs and other quaint items of interest, you can visit the flea market on the banks of the River Main that opens up every Saturday. Go museum hopping: The part of the River Main that runs through Frankfurts city centre is lined on both sides by some of the best museums in the entire country. In fact the area is called Museumsufer or Museum Embankment. Here, you can take a tour of the popular German Film Museum or lose yourself in the world of the old masters at the Stdel Museum that features fine art. Other amazing museums to visit around the city include The Senckenberg Museum, the largest museum of natural history in Germany and The Museum of Modern Art, known as much for its famous artworks by Warhol, Richter and Lichtenstein as for its unique architecture. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: