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Knight defeat call JR as soon as possible so the depth how [collection] Toronto 119-94 Knight 25 + 6 Lori half beat Erwin Tencent sports news October 14th Knight 94-119 defeat to the Raptors, suffered two preseason game losing streak. The outcome of the preseason in Lebron Knight but of no great importance, James’s exposed bench depth, still worrying. Knight to solve this problem, the need to speed up the progress of the contract JR Smith. Erwin knight and Smith ball forward the negotiations stalled, the differences between the two sides in the main contract on salary. Smith intends to ask for $15 million annual salary, knight is willing to give only $11 million annual salary, the gap of $4 million. Ricci – Paul is the agent of the, but also the agent of James, he is very tough, determined not to compromise, which makes the contract pending in the end of the contract, and is the agent of the United states. In Tristan Thompson’s contract, Paul’s tough for Thompson to 5 years for the $82 million maximum salary, for Thompson to win Kohler Kardashian. In Smith’s contract, the knight did not easily, because Smith knight is not replaced. At the shooting guard position, knight and Iman – Dunleavy, Mike, Xiang Rupert Jordan Mccrea et al. Sweet Alpert is when it hit, if there is no injuries, excellent defensive ability, have a good three points. Dunleavy has three points and an organized mind and is a very good substitute. Mccrea also has three axes, a few minutes to play the ability to substitute. In this context, incense Alpert has got ten million annual salary, the knight would not repeat at the point guard position spend too much, excusable. The problem is, there is a great injury risk incense Alpert and Dunleavy. Sweet Alpert since the time of Nicks, the shoulder and knee injury had not broken. Dunleavy is 36 years old, 2015-16 season because of severe injuries. If the two of them had a wounded Knight depth will appear today against Toronto Dunleavy missed a great problem, illustrates the problem. In today’s game against the Raptors, Knight bench points 44-64 lost 20 points, that the knight bench depth. If the Cavaliers renew Smith, Smith, whether it is as the sixth or the first, will greatly enhance the team’s bench depth, which is one of its. Second, if the knight sign Smith, Smith and sweet Alpert fast break ability insufficiency. In today’s game, the Knights lost 17 points fast break points 15-32. Perhaps Smith is not an integral part of the Cavaliers players, but he has the strength of the Cleveland Cavaliers will be greatly improved, increasing the possibility of defending the Cavaliers need to solve his contract as soon as possible. (Tong Xin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: