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Test kit can be uncovered nearly 20 kinds of "harmful substances" in September 23rd this year to October 1st, the Wuhan Open tennis tournament held in Wuhan Optics Valley international tennis center. The international tennis tournament has gathered a large coffee, every day from 11 in the morning, continued into the night, whether for athletes from around the world, accompanied by staff, the audience to provide delicious, healthy and safe food, is to provide excellent service to Wuhan to host major events, test. In the event of food safety work this year, we set up the first third rapid detection of food safety working group, yesterday, East Lake high tech Zone market supervision and Management Bureau official responsible for the rapid detection of food safety (hereinafter referred to as the "fast check") because of its rapid qualitative results, become the prevention of food safety the front line, to ensure food safety in large-scale activities, contributed. During the opening of the Wuhan tennis tournament, the reporter visited the Optics Valley International Tennis Center, a glimpse of the rapid detection of food safety food safety. Do not need large instruments, do not need a complex laboratory, carrying a box, you can complete nearly 20 items of food rapid detection. Optics Valley International Tennis Center in the venue, the East Lake hi tech Zone, the food safety inspection station is located at the entrance to the audience. Wuhan Huamei Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huamei biological research vice manager Xia Xin) and colleagues wearing a white coat, completing the fast food inspection. Outside the stadium, opened a carnival food area, in the venue, there are a variety of fast food restaurants, VIP restaurants, together to provide food for the audience. Xia Xin’s work is, in these food stalls random sampling of food as samples, and then rapid detection. "Different food categories will be targeted detection." Xia Yan said that the main vegetable food pesticide residues, spiced food, meat products, nitrite detection on detection of clenbuterol. The reporter saw, Xia Xin took samples of vegetable leaves to water solution in the pesticide residue test area, if the paper color, on behalf of the pesticide residues exceed the standard. According to reports, there are formaldehyde, poison, clenbuterol, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, surface cleanliness, sulfonamides, fluoroquinolones, tetracycline, surface temperature, acid value of edible oil, edible oil, peroxide value, vinegar free mineral acid, disease flesh, meat freshness nearly 20 projects, can carry out rapid detection, most of the projects a few minutes will be able to see the outcome. This year, the East Lake hi tech district market authority by way of government procurement of services, the purchase of the annual fast inspection service to Huamei biological involving food safety, as long as the fast inspection work, by the company as the third party organization to complete. According to reports, in this event, a total area of the reception of the hotel, tennis center on-site testing 105 batches, pass rate of 100%. The detection of a batch of the fungus, found that the concentration of sulfur dioxide to some critical value, for the sake of safety, high tech Zone of East Lake Market Authority staff let businesses repaying the variety.相关的主题文章: