Rich and willful! A few seconds of handshake will be dragged into the Forum reshacker

Rich and willful! A few seconds handshake will be dragged into forum Japanese idol and famous seiyuu often carry out some activities to meet with fans, and get the opportunity to shake hands with the idol, you need an item called "handshake ticket". The handshake ticket generally through the purchase of activities surrounding or purchased from cattle, a handshake can make a house coupons and idol handshake, greeting the 2 sentence, the 2 sentence is really oh. So doing less than ten seconds. In October 22nd, a nouveau riche came to Makino Yui’s handshake, drying out 50 handshake coupons. The fans with 50 tickets and Makino Yui shook hands forcibly shake hands for 6 minutes, according to the information provided by the other floor fans, the staff take the chairs for the fans and Makino Yui and his agent were "three aspects to discuss". After that, the fans had a simple conversation with the idol. Makino Yui, born in Mie in January 19, 1986, is a Japanese actor and singer in 90s. In 2005, as the TV animation "angel beats" singing song "and" out group. Nano Ni; in April of the same year, in the "wing · Chronicle"; in 2006, her voice acting princess; voice acting "welcome to NHK" heroine "in 2010, as the Central Plains promontory; Angel Beats!" in Yuza dubbing; 2014, in "up to a war" dubbing star Hoshino Fumina TRY. In 2016, the voice cast "gypsum boys" in the flower house Mira. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: