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The man lost 16 years of account is canceled Anhui Ningguo rescue station to help him find the home of the original title: man lost 16 years of account is canceled Ningguo rescue station to help him find a October 18th morning 9 pm, Guizhou province Dejiang County rescue station inside the sea (a pseudonym), one family with crying. The sea brother 16 years ago in the Quanji schizophrenia runaways, from the household registration are cancelled without hearing a word about. At the time of his family’s despair, the whole army was suddenly returned, and greatly improved mental state. Send a full back Ji Jun is Anhui province Ningguo city rescue station Yu Changsong, it is understood that the whole army Kyrgyzstan tracing the journey is not easy. The relief station into critical patients during July 2014 to September 2016, the spirit of family members, Second People’s Hospital of Guangde county has been famous resident patients, the man suffering from schizophrenia, first entered the school completely unable to communicate with people. He has no name, no family, family is the Ningguo rescue station. All treatment and living expenses are paid to him in Ningguo. More than two years down, spent more than 80 thousand yuan. The Chinese Lunar New Year, the assistance station will take him from the hospital back to the station, to celebrate the holiday with you. July 2014, police found him in the street, when he was dying. We know, take him to immediately sent to hospital." Yu Changsong told reporters, after treatment, the man slowly regained some consciousness, sometimes can say some simple words. In September this year, the man’s condition improved a lot, the assistance station will take back his life rescue station. Clues from a few words in October, one day, the man suddenly said, want to go home". "We quickly asked him, remember where the home?" Yu Changsong told reporters, when a man in a piece of paper and wrote a few words, "Ji Jun, Guizhou, Dejiang, Jing Shan, training angle". Rescue workers immediately search the Internet, according to these words, Jing found Dejiang angle, mountain is the name of Guizhou Province training, including training angle, Jing mountain is Dejiang County the town below. But "Ji Jun" is irrelevant, "we speculate that" Ji Jun "is not his name?" Yu Changsong asked the man, "is that your name?" The other point nods. The household registration has been cancelled without hearing a word about the relief station quickly contact Guizhou province Dejiang County rescue station, the station to help Kyrgyzstan in the verification of families, and provides Kyrgyzstan army photos and other information. Soon, Dejiang County rescue station there came the good news, the station in Jing Jiao Xiang District, police station and the local village cadres under the coordination, the man found the full name of Quanji Jun, 2000 because of ill lost family, so many years in the local hard to find him. Because there is no message, his household registration has been canceled. Through various efforts, Dejiang County police found in the Quanji original documents, further confirmed his identity information. On the morning of October 17th, Yu Changsong personally drove, and rescue station staff together, escort the whole army home. Dejiang from Ningguo to travel more than 1 thousand and 500 kilometers, more than and 20 hours drive and Yu Changsong et al., on the morning of 18 about 9 points, will be sent to the army of Quanji Dejiang County rescue station, where the early sea et al.相关的主题文章: