Highway tires run off the driver took it as a warning triangle 下北glory days

High speed road tire running off the driver took it as a triangular warning signs off the tires as warning signs on the back of the car. Washington (reporter correspondent Zhang Xu Liu Zhu) recently, the vehicle broke down on the highway after a lot of wonderful things, a swinging bucket, swing when mahjong machine warning signs, also there will be own tire when warning signs. The 7 day is the national day return peak traffic, but the driver Wang is on his way back to Sichuan, in the driver of the pickup truck rear right run off, and the "best" as a warning sign, but fortunately did not cause traffic accident. According to the highway second detachment six brigade law enforcement personnel, more than 1 points on the day at noon, Wang driving Yichuan Ji pickup truck from the toll station on the road opened in Linjiang, ready to return to Sichuan. Unexpectedly, when traveling to the pickup truck Wanda speed south segment, the right rear wheel came off. "At that time I felt the steering wheel began to shake, and then found that there was an abnormal tire, so I was ready to speed up the parking check." Wang said the driver, but I did not wait for the car to the emergency lane, the right rear wheel suddenly fell out." "Because the warning triangle did not find the car, the rear car is also very much, so I had to fall on the side of the tire is used as temporary warning signs, thought the tire is large enough, can also play a role in warning." Wang explained to law enforcement officers. Subsequently, the high-speed law enforcement officers immediately to control the vehicle rear warning cone, and inform the relevant units to carry out the rescue, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the illegal behavior of Wang failing to set up warning signs to be 200 yuan, recorded 3 points penalty. Remind the high-speed law enforcement, please check the tire pressure and the vehicle before driving, failure occurred on the expressway, the vehicle parked in the emergency lane, turn on the hazard lights, and placed in the rear of the vehicle 150 meters warning triangle.相关的主题文章: