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Five powerful engine test was two times two times the explosion burned – Sohu Military Channel text with map: October 28th, Hainan city of Wenchang Province, March five rocket launch vertically transferred to the launch position in Hainan of Wenchang. The success of the long march five rocket, the first to fly into China, including the United States and Russia, the world’s mainstream rocket camp, the world shocked. Even more amazing is that this is called rocket engine was developed in the "short" more than and 10 years, catch up with this history of the war, has become an important contributor to the big rocket first flight victory. In March five, who, with a total of 3 new high thrust engines, are leading the big guy, winning China "the biggest thrust LOX / kerosene engine" maximum thrust engine "at the highest performance than the rocket engine" 3 crown. If an analogy, the thrust of the engine, the long march is the five issue of the "big heart", is considered to be the core of rocket technology and technology base, its technical level determines the key indicators of rocket performance, reliability and cost to a great extent. Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter interviewed experts, this big secret rocket "heart" is how to make. The Huangpu River in Shanghai hit the water from the Qinghai Tibet Plateau reports, the long march rocket number five how much is not strange: about 57 meters, set up 20 storeys high, takeoff mass of about 900 tons, but to lift such a heavy big guy, is not easy. Large rockets, can not be separated from the large thrust, and large thrust, can not be separated from the engine. At present, China’s active rocket engine thrust only a single maximum of about 70 tons, you want to launch a super large spacecraft, it seems to be powerless. A new type of large thrust engine arises at the historic moment. According to the aerospace science and technology group six vice president Zhou Limin said, the hospital developed conventional propellant engine series, "Shenzhou" flying, "Chang E" Ben and a variety of satellite launch provides power that creates the world aerospace history of high reliability and high success rate of the legend, known as the "gold power China". However, the astronauts did not lie in this honor, stop the pace of development of more advanced technology. Zhou Limin said, after 15 years of unremitting efforts, 120 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engine 8 new developed, is assembled on the 4 March five booster rocket engine, 4 new developed, is in grade one and two on the two rocket assembly. At the time of the first success of the long march five, there is a saying much attention, that is non-toxic green pollution-free new generation of launch vehicles, takeoff thrust of more than 1000 tons, carrying capacity, etc.. To achieve these goals, can not be separated from the large thrust engine credit. So, what is the power of these engines? With 120 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engine as an example, Zhou Limin made an analogy, turbo pump is the power source of engine, the engine is called the "heart", that is the heart of the heart of the rocket". The "heart" of the highest pressure reached 500.相关的主题文章: