Guangdong, a town government illegal land requisition has been more than and 10 acres of land has be 高达08ms小队

Guangdong town government complaints of illegal land more than and 10 acres of land have been filling in the new network involving the transfer of water town said to immediately stop the infringement, to the villagers villagers admit to apologize to stand on the "forced" to fill the land requisition and the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Yushan correspondent Tang Jia Intern Lin Siyu recently, Guangdong County of Wuhua the city of Meizhou to Huanglong town village villagers complaints has become a hot topic among the local people: "because of the need of the development of the town", without a legal paper for land acquisition procedures, then the "dump" on the grounds that the expropriation of the Village Village tenth groups of villagers in Huanglong Mountain pit land, more than and 30 acres of mountain. By the villagers puzzled. Yangcheng Evening News reporter after the investigation, Wuhua county government attaches great importance to. In fact, the transfer of water town government official said, the matter has been through the town of education, admit mistakes, to ensure immediate and unconditional cessation of land acquisition, and to explain the situation, the villagers involved apology. Villagers complaints: no formalities forced land acquisition in early October this year, Wuhua County Water Town twelve village south to Huanglong group of villagers report said: since July this year, the town and village cadres in the Huanglong formalities, to belong to the group of villagers "tiger pit pit" part of the paddy field and dry land, forest the work of land acquisition; and began to fill operation in September. At that time, the villagers on the matter raised objections, however Huanglongcun village cadres claim: This is the government’s Land Acquisition Act, and took out the land compensation accounting table marked "Wuhua County Land Resources Bureau" seal "". When the villagers asked the villagers to produce a clear yellow land requisition documents and plans, the village cadres can not deal with. Soon, in the voices of the villagers, someone came out of the bulldozer for strong filling operations. Since then, the villagers reflected up, but did not get a reasonable and legitimate explanation, so he complained to the Yangcheng Evening news. Site survey: more than and 10 acres of land has been filled in early November, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter came to the scene of the villagers complained. The scene is located in the county road X034 line (pond line) 12 km near. To see the arrival of reporters, Huanglong village villagers have talked about the situation of village cadres. Several villagers said: the town government obviously no illegal land acquisition procedures, why has been repeatedly complaints still do not correct it? Even the wind forced filling. The reporter saw the scene, this piece of land on the dry land has about thirteen acres to mountain Keng Tian, thick soil landfill, some depth of nearly 4 meters. This year 57 year old villager group leader bell wood, told reporters: in the absence of formalities before the land is illegal." This year, 68 year old letter a letter took out to the higher authorities to reflect the complaint letter, he said." Reporters visual, this piece of land involved about 120 meters long, forty or fifty meters wide have been filled in loess. Villagers at the scene also took out before and after the acquisition of land compared to the photos to be corroborated. The government admit: immediately stop the infringement subsequently, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter came to the town government to understand the situation. In the face of the facts, the relevant person in charge of the town admits: Huanglong village has been filled with this piece of land.相关的主题文章: