Longhu · the Great Wall from hot selling to write legend mp7a1

Longhu · the source of the Great Wall hot hot again to write the legend global attention of the Olympic Games is held in the eyes like a raging fire, Rio billions, a world record breaking, let the world to excited. At the same time, Longhu ·, the Great Wall also broke its own record: four and a half months ahead of schedule to complete the annual sales task, compared to last year, speed up to 1.6 times! Compared with the popularity of the Olympic Games is not inferior. Longhu · the source of the Great Wall since the end of 2014 to enter the market, record sales miracle: first opened 90 minutes to open houses sold out in one fell swoop, 2015 Shun sales period, annual sales of more than 1000 sets, in the tourist resort real estate projects in Beijing similar, the source of the Great Wall sales ranked the first. This time ahead of the completion of the annual task, Longhu hot legend adds a thick and heavy in colours! At the foot of the Great Wall, the town of water, Longhu · the Great Wall source of rare resources to occupy the capital. Since the opening of Gubei Town, every year at work flow of more than 2 million, and this number is increasing year by year. As the only high-end residential water town, Longhu · the Great Wall source of water to make up for the lack of high-end rooms in the blank space, the value has been greatly highlighted. Row upon row of houses, the Qing Shiban street, long alley, all show a northern town in the Republic of china. The water in the river town of clouds, the ancient Tang River around it, ancient houses, built by the water under the shade, fresh air, blue sky and white clouds, green waves, towering poplar, like a little-known land of idyllic beauty attracts numerous Chinese and foreign tourists linger. The towering the Great Wall stretches thousands of miles, magnificent, it is to let a person to stop. Longhu · source of the Great Wall [] a new mid levels villa 750 thousand, hot hot. I only come out of print, landscape, tight housing, not to be missed! Advisory Tel: 400-819-1111 to 610788相关的主题文章: