People’s network, local leadership message board, the 10 anniversary of the seminar held today in Be foxpro6.0免费下载 "local leadership message board" 10 Anniversary Symposium held in Beijing in September 21 net new Xinhua today in Beijing (reporter Yang Gaoyu) "local leadership message board" 10 Anniversary Symposium 2016 Internet message handling work conference will be held in Beijing in 23 days. The meeting was organized by the people’s daily, the theme of the meeting is to reflect the social situation and public opinion, to respond to the concerns of the masses, to promote the solution of the problem". The leaders of relevant departments, including the central leadership, some provinces and cities around the message for the work in charge of the leadership, experts and scholars, on behalf of users, more than 200 people attended. "local leadership message board" opened in 2006, 10 years to attract about 1000000 users involved, there have been 56 provincial Party Secretary and governor through interaction with users, more than 2000 cities and counties in a public reply Internet message, as of September 1st, all leading cadres have over 560 thousand Internet message reply. This meeting, experts will share thoughts on leading cadres take the mass route through the network. Around the message handling unit will also be how to understand the masses through the network to think of the idea, a good idea to collect good suggestions, and actively respond to the concerns of users and other issues to discuss. Local leadership message board, the new version of the APP client will be formally launched at the meeting, the launch of the client, will enrich the channels and means of leading cadres of the masses online work, expand the message board of government functions.相关的主题文章: