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Students tell you, University of Oxford is a kind of experience? One of the most beautiful campus Sohu of Western University Education in Britain, the oldest, top university — these can be defined in University of Oxford, one of the school’s reputation but it is also the world’s most difficult admission. Although in 2015, the number of undergraduate admissions at University of Oxford reached 18377, a record high. But the latest enrollment data from 2013-2014 show that a total of 20441 people apply for graduate courses in University of Oxford, of which only 4815 were admitted. It has to be said that Britain’s top universities are still one of the world’s most difficult universities. So, in this most of the students dream of university is a kind of feeling? The recent "business insider" interview is the first year of a college of University of Oxford Buleiqinuosi PhD 26 year old Erin Lorelie Young, from the student’s campus life trajectory, as we unravel the mystery of this top university. Erin Lorelie Young, a PhD student in the first year of education, she attended a doctoral degree for three years, the integration of sociology and technology. Prior to entering University of Oxford, she majored in classical literature at Downing college, University of Cambridge, and received a master’s degree in education. Erin in the Radcliffe square photograph of Erin attended University of Oxford Buleiqinuosi Institute (Brasenose College) is also called the bronze nose Institute, which originated in the school of the nose shape bronze door. It belongs to one of the 35 colleges of University of Oxford, founded by lawyers Sir Richard Sutton and Lincoln church bishop William Smyth in 1509, located in the Plaza of Radcliffe. Proud of the Institute for its fairy tale buildings and green grass, the famous alumni writer William · Goldin (William Golding) and former British Prime Minister David · Cameron (David Cameron). Erin in the student dormitory is very close to the college, she has four roommates. Erin’s suite is no different from the rest of the university dormitory, equipped with beds, desks and water, but a lot of friends came to visit, said her dorm is much better than their university dormitory. Before attending a formal event Erin and friends in the dormitory outside the group photo study during the Erin will always wake up, to participate in the guidance of the paper around 9:30 am. She is going to write four papers, each need to meet with their mentors, to discuss her thesis places need to be improved. In order to write a paper, Erin every day from 9 a.m. to study at the end of the afternoon at about 5, lasts about two weeks. From the paper on the desk, it can be seen that the amount of Erin learning is very heavy. From the dormitory to Buleiqinuosi college, Erin need to walk from the scenic downtown 5 minutes.  相关的主题文章: