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U.S. media: why not China to Rwanda natural resources to invest heavily in new network – United States quartz financial network November 23rd article, the original title: in the inland country almost no natural resources in Rwanda, China why invest? In Rwanda, it is hard to see China’s footprint no matter where it is: foreign office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and 80% highways. Also some invisible mark. A man told us that he was studying Chinese at the Confucius Institute in Kigali, the capital city. Rwanda does not conform to a common description of China’s interest in Africa – only interested in mineral resources, large tracts of arable land and potential dumping market. As a landlocked country, Lu has almost no natural resources and population is only about half of Beijing. But Chinese is private investment in the country’s real estate, telecommunications, manufacturing, restaurants and travel agencies, large state-owned enterprises for the construction of infrastructure. It is no doubt the most powerful refutation of what people often hear about the African countries being once again subjected to another foreign power. After the tragic massacre of the year, Lu has become one of the fastest growing African economies, and want to become a business and technology center, hoping to attract more foreign investment. To this end, the government provides generous tax relief measures, and to the Chinese economic and trade delegation stressed its social stability, government transparency and the benefits of business policy – an average of less than 24 hours to set up a company. Chinese businessmen seem to have got the message. In the Kigali Special Economic Zone, many enterprises in the production of clothing, sanitary napkins and other wooden doors. Some of China’s most dominant in Africa also started from the beginning, for example, are 30 African countries with the largest local pay TV provider DSTV four times to meet as equals, the cheap mobile phone sold to Africa around the sound holdings and other enterprises. Rwanda is becoming a centre for trade and logistics. The country’s enterprises have begun to Guangzhou, Yiwu and other manufacturing centers to provide container services. John, director of the University of Africa, the project leader, said, "these show that China is in a more diverse way to participate in the development of Africa," said Janet, director of the center for Africa and Africa." George? Researchers at the University of Washington found that 2000 enterprises in 49 African countries, the most popular is the service and retail industry, compared with the lack of resources of the country, China investors not to resource rich countries with "". (author Lily Kuo, Wang Huicong)相关的主题文章: