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Family members of patients bribe thank doctor send text messages for packet back trust original title: the family was filled in two bribe hospital expenses doctor texting and trust   "in fact, the relationship between doctors and patients can be more simple, sincere, do not need this form for. For doctors, the understanding and trust of patients and their families is the best ‘red envelope’." Yesterday, Chen dad, received a special message back red. 90 year old Chen dad in the past six months, the total row of urine, hold up uncomfortable, removed a number of hospitals, are due to the elderly, the basic disease and was refused surgery. Last month, the children are found in Wuhan Central Hospital Department of Urology director Shu Bo consultation. Patients diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia, although the high risk of surgery in the elderly, but the effort can do." Surgery was scheduled in late September, the children relieved, but began to worry that his father would not be able to get down the operating table. The children privately to discuss the surgeon decided to send a red envelope. Before the operation, Chen dad’s daughter found the surgeon Shu Bo, hard to give a red envelope, Shu Bo turned down on the spot, but the family insisted. Shu Bo temporarily received a red envelope, and then let the head nurse Wei Dan help charge into the patient’s hospitalization. The same day, minimally invasive surgery is very smooth. A few days later, Dad’s children found red envelopes into hospital expenses. During hospitalization, they feel that the medical team for the elderly in every possible way, the decision sending a red envelope thanked Shu Bo again but the money Chongjin hospitalization expenses. When once again received the receipt of admission fee, Chen dad children feel very ashamed: "send two envelopes are not sent out to the doctor, but trouble." Yesterday, Chen’s daughter to Shu Bo sent a text message to say thank you, I did not expect, he responded to a nearly 300 word text messages. Shu Bo believes that the patient is sick for peace of mind can understand the feelings, in fact, sometimes the patient a "hard" and "thank you", will let the doctor feel particularly warm heart surgery, tired will be swept away. Your understanding and trust is the doctor’s best "red envelope"". I’ve also encountered a lot of patients, always want to bribe the doctor said, in their opinion, a bribe is seeking a peace of mind, the two is to thank the doctor. I think doctors and patients are in a sense a comrade in arms against a common enemy. As a doctor, we have to do empathy, not only to see the eyes of patients with disease, but also to see him as a social person, to feel his social role from his point of view, in the foundation of communication on empathy. Saving lives is the doctor’s duty, in fact, the relationship between doctors and patients can be more simple, sincere, not necessary to adopt the so-called unspoken rule, also do not need this form for. In the doctor’s view, the understanding and trust of patients and their families is the best red envelopes". (reporter Gao Chenchen correspondent Liu Shanshan) source: chutianjinbao editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: