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Poor students is not an ascetic _ Tencent.com several editorial comments _ related grants in the news recently become the focus of public opinion. College grants were cancelled due to wear Nike shoes, but Nike shoes are family live frugally to buy; Northwest Normal University grants was traced to force students to clean the apartment; Yunnan universities make a speech on the stage of poor students "than the poor" for grants, many people live in tears…… The fairness of grants has always been a hot topic on campus. Students who are used to talk about who led the high school students have a high profile consumption, who is not poor at home, but there is a poverty certificate, etc.. What is more, after the grant assessment, failed to report the people. Can be said to have the benefit of non. The outside world has a deep-rooted concept of poor students: poor students should have the appearance of poor students. The so-called "what" refers not to buy brand-name clothes and shoes, can not use high-grade mobile phone computer, not lazy. In short, poor students can not do anything with their economic status does not meet the matter, low-key, hard work, simplicity is their essential quality. However, it is impossible for poor students to develop a set of living standards. For example, wearing a famous brand was canceled scholarship, brand names are generally more expensive, but there are factory stores, discount stores, there are discounts also have high imitation. Poor students have the right to buy brand-name food, buy brands may not be equal to vanity. The life of the poor students should not be subjected to endless critical eyes. The imagination of poor students is often stereotyped. In fact, with the development of society, the real poverty has become less and less. The media likes to promote the inspirational junior, is a typical rather than normal. Poor students are only relatively poor family conditions of ordinary students, peers common advantages and disadvantages they have. Some schools set up multiple conditions for grants, such as academic performance, cleaning, consumption levels, and even performance. The surface is in order to guide the students "all-round development", but these conditions or no operation; sometimes confusing and other forms of subsidies, such as scholarships should have performance requirements, work should be linked with labor. Poor students is not an ascetic. After they have been funded, in the conscience of the obligation to repay the community, but this thing can only be in the long run, it is not appropriate to do the immediate requirements of the stringent requirements. There is only one criterion for deciding whether a student should receive a grant, or his family. Because of poverty that lack of credibility, to come up with "than the poor" speech like yaoezi. First of all, acting is not equal to the actual. Secondly, the family background survey can not sacrifice the poor students’ privacy and self-esteem. Not to discriminate false, to injure the real poor students. The government and the community to support poor students, this should be to shorten the distance between them and other students starting line, so that they do not worry about the future, a good peace of mind to learn. The goal is to help poor students look like poor students, not the opposite. [more news interpretation, WeChat add public account today topic listen]相关的主题文章: