How many women are destroyed by this mentality 霍金hawking

How many women are this kind of psychological ruined source: Mizuki Ayatsumi Author: late love jealousy does not fulfill your life, will only make you stingy, narrow 1 a girl told me that she was ill, but not physical disease, mental disease, and she felt that she was a bad person. She has a particularly good bestie, two people for nine years, is the table from the beginning of high school, and was admitted to the same university with a professional, and transferred to a bedroom, the affection isn’t really sisters than sisters. After graduation, they stay together in the same city, although not in the same company, or find a way to rent a house to live, each other in this city, is the most pro. Two people take care of each other, mutual care, if an overtime, another will buy a snack to each other, if a sick, one must take care, two people agreed, no matter what, how people transform, must do a lifetime of good bestie, good sisters. This feeling, I was very touched, but in this year, has changed. The girl said at the beginning of the year, bestie pay a boyfriend, the other is very good, and especially good for bestie, also used their connections to bestie introduced to another big company, position and salary are greatly improved. Bestie very happy, often shared with her boyfriend and do what makes her warm heart for her. The new company gave what benefits, she and her boyfriend to go traveling. Reason told her bestie, met love man, the cause has been greatly improved, you should be happy for her, bless her. But she felt another emotion of her heart, she is jealous of all bestie have, or even to break up bestie. Sometimes, even had a boyfriend’s idea to seduce bestie, although this idea is just the idea, and not the implementation, she still felt shocked. She said that in fact bestie man is good, gentle, affectionate, either before or after the love of love, he has been very good, also not zhongseqingyou, but I actually have such ideas. She felt that she was a man of moral decay and dark psychology, who had been tortured to sleep. She reminds me of one thing. 2 in college, we have a girl next door to the bedroom, called michael. Our two bedroom and very frequently, the relationship has been good, Michael is the kind of gentle, like a girl. Her performance is not bad, very comfortable, but not particularly beautiful girl, is a sense of existence has not been very strong girl. However, her life is better than all of us, the year of graduation, together we find a job, she did not find a job, but in the process of looking for work, to meet my prince charming. The other assets of billions of dollars, Liuyang back, no matter or knowledge, all is high, he love Fei gentle and quiet, active pursuit. Does it look like an idol drama? But the reality is often a replica of the TV series. When we first heard,相关的主题文章: