Dalian men’s Mall stabbed woman hostage hostage after the woman was rescued – Sohu news 特命战队go busters

Dalian man stabbed to kill the woman after mall women hijacked hostages rescued the Sohu news on September 18th afternoon, a man taking Dalian City Development Zone, Liaoning New Mart shopping mall with a knife stabbed to kill a woman, then hijacked another woman and police confrontation for a long time. Surging news () from the Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch learned that 18 evening around 7 pm, the police rescued the hostages, the specific circumstances of the incident is under investigation. Dalian local information micro-blog account posting said, more than 2 points on the afternoon of 18, a large business development zone of Dalian City, New Mart mall hostage-taking incident occurred: a man with a knife stabbed a nearly 50 year old woman, and a knife hijacked another young woman, and the long time confrontation and rushed to the police and special police. Surging news pictures from the scene to see, was a middle-aged woman lying on the ground, the body is blood, a long haired woman was the man with a knife hijacked in the clothing store. Branch of Dalian City Development Zone Public Security Bureau staff told surging news, stabbed the woman to hospital died, women abducted eventually rescued by the police.相关的主题文章: