After World War II for the first time to allow foreign troops stationed in Norway next year, 330 U.S 小坂めぐる

After World War II first allowed foreign troops to 330 troops next year in Norway – Norway Department of Defense Military Channel Sohu announced on 24 January next year, will allow the United States to Wayne Martinez military base in central Norway station 330 marines. This is the first time since World War II to allow foreign troops stationed in Norway. Norway’s defense minister ina? Soreide said in a statement, the United States proposed through the deployment of a Marine Corps troops rotation methods to enhance the training and exercises in Norway, Norway expressed very welcome. According to the plan, Norway will be in 2017 to assess the operation of the trial period, and then decided to arrange after 2017. Wayne said the U.S. military stationed at the base of the military will be located in the United States and the United States will provide more joint military exercises between the two countries, and to enhance the ability of joint operations of the two sides of the war, said Sered. Relevant training and exercise activities will not be limited to Wayne Ness military bases, but also in other places. Norway is one of the founding members of the North Atlantic Treaty organization. Other NATO allies, such as the United States, have long held military exercises in Norway, but they have never been stationed in the army. The Norway allows U.S. troops to cause domestic opposition criticism. The Norway socialist left party leader AI Vesteralen? Marius Buchan told National Radio of Norway, this is not a good sign, "Norway" should strengthen national defense force, rather than seeking a permanent US military presence in some form".相关的主题文章: