More than 20 Taiwan in Hunan land with the return of the Mid Autumn Festival – Beijing 追踪309

More than 20 Taiwan in Hunan land with the "return" of the Mid Autumn Festival – Beijing, China News Agency, Loudi, September 16 (Li Xiangpao): "when I was young, my homesickness was a small stamp, in my head, my mother was there…… And now, homesickness is a shallow strait, me on this side and the mainland on the other." The poet Yu Guangzhong in the middle of "nostalgic" as home care and attachment. September 15th is the traditional Chinese festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, more than 20 in Hunan, Taiwan, Loudi Ji land back to the "home" and family reunion. From 12 onwards, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Loudi city and Taiwan city of Kaohsiung new resident sisters Care Association matchmaking, they said at the "love month round two?" Loudi Lu with joy back home activities, enjoy the hometown of the hometown of the beauty of local customs and practices, the taste of delicacy, feel the change and development in mainland China the. 2004 Hunan Loudi Taiwan married bride Li Pingxiang, usually more through TV and the Internet to understand the mainland changes. "Miss, not every hour and moment attention to his hometown, the" mother back to reunite with family ‘, many people moved to tears. The people of our hometown are also thinking about us." After visiting Zheng Guofan’s hometown in Loudi County of Shuangfeng in the late Qing Dynasty minister, Dai Meiyun specially for children to buy a set of "Zheng Guofan book", "want to let them know more about some of the continent’s history and culture, always remember another home across the strait". 20 years ago, Dai Meiyun now has settled the island to adapt to the local life, compared with the first arrived, she deeply, the development change rapidly. Across the sea to return home, the most memorable is to land with Luo Changjian for a long time without the authentic taste of home". "The home of many people will take care of their loved ones, not resemble their loved ones. In return, I hope in the future for the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides doing its bit." Loudi Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Hua Xuejian said, "Su Yang ancestral root source, Huaizong" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, in the hope that Taiwan land with often go home after returning to more people around introduced the development and changes in the home, for Cross Straits Economic and cultural exchanges, offer advice and suggestions. (end)相关的主题文章: