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The mobile Internet into the second half, the pig into the bus rapid development of science and technology Sohu – runway big drops fast type of burn approach is no longer adapt to the development of the mobile Internet now, the capital side will not scale to seize the user overbearing camp, pay more attention to the enterprise self capital profitability and whether there is a relatively mature business model; development stage for the mobile Internet, if the mobile Internet is split into two halves, by leveraging the market and capital to fight the way the user belongs to the first half of the pattern, the first half was the Cold War era and bloody war. Mobile Internet in the second half, the company’s business will gradually move towards refinement, and focus on building the core competitiveness of their own, the second half is more like a harmonious society during the construction of economic civilization. Recently, the U.S. group, the public comment CEO Wang Xing in the speech that China the Internet into the second half, means that the industry competition pattern will shift from external competition, upgrade to build the core competitiveness, the O2O industry will enter into the stage will be more intensive and meticulous farming, to the Internet industry; the second half CEO Cheng Wei also drops travel as the mobile Internet in the speech, and to clarify the second half will be more beautiful scenery. The Internet industry is a typical O2O bus industry, heavy industry, operating heavy users, even if the rich drops travel in entering the industry on the Internet is the bus industry with broken halberds defeat; the vertical segments in the travel industry, and access to the user’s previous burn in different ways, the line line operation is the key to the Internet industry bus stand. In the second half of the mobile Internet, the Internet for the bus industry, the fine operation and user operation are the key factors of the core competitiveness of enterprises, and the pig bus since the date of the establishment of the fine operation and users in the core of enterprise development strategy position, pig bus and slow Qiuwen fast in slow, steady and healthy development in the second half, accumulate steadily; the Internet industry, pig bus refinement operation of the core competencies that accelerates into the fast lane of development pig bus. Just thirty years ago, Deng Xiaoping’s decision to adhere to the development is the hard truth, at least 100 years without wavering, because only the self core competence is tamped, external competitiveness and strength, while the second half is the Internet companies need to develop their own soft power, rather than "arms race". For the Internet bus industry, this is a new industry, the industry is not big enough cake, the industry in the second half of the enterprise needs to nurture the primary market. Everything is in the connection, the Internet industry bus connecting people and bus connecting people, will also connect people with services, the bus will be the first pig to provide users with high-quality service as the core user fine operation; the bus took the bus as a pig is a mobile value space, since it is the main value space its value is service. Extensive management thought from the inception of the pig bus on the liberation burn exchange market, a keen insight into the market and users in the operation strategy together will make the pig bus in the second half of the mobile Internet go faster and farther. Enter the mobile high相关的主题文章: