Speech by President of Yale University in 2016 小坂めぐる

The president of the Yale University freshmen in 2016 meeting speech in August 27th, Yale University ushered in a number of new undergraduate students, Yale University President Peter Salovey? Was entitled to the untrue expression said "the speech of the new. In his speech, Salovi did not talk about tall on the topic, but detailed an important content of education at Yale: learning how to identify and deal with "false statements". In his view, a more careful critical thinker, in order to improve insight rather than weaken. The twenty-third president of Yale University Peter Salovey? The following is the speech of colleagues, parents, especially undergraduate freshmen 2020, good morning! You are welcome to participate in today’s activities. The number 2020 will always make people fall into a reverie. Now it has become your class code at Yale, and I believe that your intuition, your sensitivity, or your will power will be improved here. Admissions staff assured me that you are through the layers of screening after winning the best. 2020 new students arrived in the school, they come from all 50 states, students from the world’s 50 countries and regions. Even so, I still want to on the first day of this special day, think about that while you are at Yale, what may weaken your insight, what is likely to let it get promoted? Over the years, I’ve been an introductory psychology for many freshmen". When it comes to social psychology, I always ask students how they think about helping people in different social situations. Similarly, in an emergency, why do we sometimes help, and sometimes stand by? I would like to know from a tragedy that everyone knows – Kitty Genovese event. In 1964, at the age of 29, Kitty was killed in a home in Kew, New York, Garden, a case that has caused widespread concern and debate, and perhaps you’ve heard several versions of the matter. According to the "New York Times" reported that 38 people from their windows to see the course of the attack, but only one alarm, and the alarm when it’s too late. These years, I have repeatedly described this shocking case, so social psychologists teach other similar courses, some sociologists try to analyze why the witnesses will be so indifferent, even to crime helplessly looking at this, but completely indifferent. The problem is that the standard version of the Kitty Genovese case is wrong on some of the key details. Kitty’s brother, Bill Genovese, produced a documentary called "Witness" (The) last year. According to his show in the movie film scene, not all bystanders are indifferent: one of the witnesses in the window and shouted the murderer, another witness in the Kitty die in my arms, there are other witnesses during the police. So why five;相关的主题文章: