The opening of the third Beijing small Theatre Festival in barley · tinyos

The third Beijing student theater theatre festival in barley · super theatre Tencent entertainment news November 3rd, sponsored by the Federation of the Communist Youth League Committee of Beijing City, Beijing City, students "youth story" of college students in Beijing Experimental Theatre Festival conference and Youth Drama practice base awarding ceremony in barley · super theatre. Deputy Secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee, Wang Hongtao, chairman of the drama festival honors the famous screenwriter, director Yu Baimei, Beijing Dramatists Association Secretary General Yang Qianwu attended the opening ceremony. The Drama Festival Committee of experts after initial evaluation, re evaluation, the final registration from hundreds of works selected "remember" roar "with a" roof "lost and found" "net" 13 outstanding drama works, the 13 works respectively in barley · a 40 day show super theater Tsinghua University, Beihang University, two stars drama village theater, theater, drama theater Grand View Garden space. Honorary president Yu Baimei in his speech pointed out that the university student Theatre Festival has a theme is the heritage. It is precisely because of the inheritance, only the bearer of this drama dream theater. We hope that the barley · super theatre can give more young theatrical colleagues to provide a platform for young artists to adhere to their own drama career. In the developed countries, art is a commodity, is still a luxury in china. The platform of the university students’ small theater festival, can make more people and drama contact, in improving the level of our drama education is of great significance. All drama practitioners should work together to turn luxury goods into commodities. Conference, Beijing Municipal Committee and barley · build a super theater Youth Drama practice base inaugurated. The establishment of the Youth Drama practice base to the dissemination and promotion of drama art, the drama resources support, leveraging its benign operation, promoting Youth Drama lovers from exchanges and cooperation between organizations, sharing and sharing drama experience platform for more young people to provide a communication, drama. The script is promoting the public into the campus drama festival is another step in developing university drama culture the outstanding drama Drama Festival jury will recommend 20 original, fashion, solve the university community no drama can be ranked, no play to play embarrassment. Finally, the delegation Secretary Wang Hongtao speech and announced the opening of the festival.相关的主题文章: