Ballet Girl bed stovepipe method don’t think too dirty just teach you not to go to the gym (video) 木村kaela

Ballet Girl "bed" stovepipe method don’t just teach you not to go to the gym and have no time to go to the gym, do not want to go, want to rent? Yeah, that’s all. The bed can be completed under the action of several stovepipe teach you ~ [] for lower limb fat high-energy warning physical training come it first moves away from the elephant legs, raise the legs and bed vertical, then quickly, jitter can also join hands together, shaking, the full exercise of four limbs, to burn fat. I remember a good call to exercise, don’t scare live buddy Oh (Wuzui smile) second is to lift your legs slowly open, exercise the leg muscles of medial leg type, shape look better. This action is actually a simple version of ballet basic action. The third action needs to be done. Keep your back level, Be Nobunao, lift up into the air, hold on for a while, then slowly down. Be careful not to push up and down, this is actually the waist in the effort, no exercise to the legs oh. Grasp the essentials, try to lift a little longer. Then try to control the legs stopped in mid air, and then raised, stop. The last action to keep the legs straight, legs as high as possible and then slowly put down, must be slow oh. This is the four action, can let you busy to achieve good results of the body at home oh. Seemingly simple, the actual really do it by the standard is still very arduous ~ to go home at night to try?相关的主题文章: