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Skyrocketing housing prices million regret about Shenzhen owners with more than 60 people to court trouble to sell second-hand housing main cause of rising prices than performance, dissatisfied with the court verdict, he gathered people in front of the court. 22, Futian police informed of the results of this case, 62 illegal workers by the police administrative punishment, 5 ringleaders have been Futian Procuratorate approved the arrest. It is reported that in the morning of August 22, 2016, Ma Moumou (male, 31 years old, Jiangxi Ji’an people), Zheng Moumou (male, 47 years old, Guangdong Shenzhen people), led by more than 60 illegal workers refused to accept the on-site staff security requirements, forced into the Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court of the first floor of the East Hall. Seriously disturb the order of the unit of Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court, resulting in adverse social impact. Futian police after receiving the report, immediately launched the emergency plan, the organization of police rushed to the scene, rapid disposal. In the Municipal Public Security Bureau under the unified command, Luohu District, Nanshan District Public Security Bureau police rushed to the scene to support the disposal work. Through multi force, 62 illegal workers were promptly taken away from the Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court. Police at the scene disposal according to law and seized a large number of banners and T-shirts and other items. The investigation, Moumou, Zheng Moumou and other hand in the case of real horse sellers, a dispute in the signing of the sale of second-hand housing prices rose after the agreement will not perform the agreement, and judgment of the intermediate people’s Court of discontent, the prior conspiracy, led from Dongguan Yantian to employ more than 40 people went to the city intermediate people’s court to visit downtown. In an attempt to confuse the public, forcing the judicial organs, ruling in their favor. On the same day, the police be given administrative punishment according to law, the 62 law officers to disrupt unit order in which the city intermediate people’s court, 56 offenders were sentenced to 5 to 15 days of administrative detention, 6 offenders fined. After further investigation, including Ma Moumou, Zheng Moumou and other 5 people on suspicion of crime mob assault state organs Futian police criminal detention according to law, and in September 14th by the Futian District people’s Procuratorate approved the arrest. At present, the case is still under further investigation. Shenzhen evening news reporter Chen Zhangqi editor Wu Xiaochen

房价暴涨百万悔约 深圳业主带60余人到法院闹事   二手房卖主因房价上涨不愿履约,对法院相关判决不满,竟纠集人员在法院门口闹事。22 日,福田警方通报了对这起案件的处理结果,62 名违法人员被警方行政处罚,5 名首要分子已被福田检察院依法批准逮捕。   据通报称,2016 年 8 月 22 日上午,在马某某(男,31 岁,江西吉安人)、郑某某(男,47 岁,广东深圳人)等人带领下,60 余名违法人员拒不接受现场工作人员安检的要求,强行冲入深圳市中级人民法院一楼东大厅,严重扰乱了深圳市中级人民法院的单位秩序,造成了恶劣的社会影响。   福田警方接报后,立即启动应急预案,组织警力赶到现场,迅速处置。在市公安局统一指挥下,罗湖区、南山区公安分局警力也赶到现场支援处置工作。通过多方合力,62 名违法人员全部被及时带离了深圳市中级人民法院。民警在现场处置中依法收缴了大量的标语横幅及文化衫等物品。   经查,该案系马某某、郑某某等二手房卖主,在签订二手房买卖协议后因房价上涨不愿履行协议引发纠纷,并对市中院的相关判决不满,经事前密谋,带领着从东莞雁田等地雇佣的 40 余人前往市中级人民法院闹访,企图混淆社会舆论,迫使司法审判机关作出有利于自己的判决。   当日,警方依法对在市中院聚众扰乱单位秩序的 62 名违法人员给予行政处罚,其中,56 名违法行为人分别被处以 5 至 15 日行政拘留,6 名违法行为人被处以罚款。后经进一步侦查,其中马某某、郑某某等 5 人因涉嫌聚众冲击国家机关犯罪被福田警方依法刑事拘留,并于 9 月 14 日由福田区人民检察院批准逮捕。目前,该案尚在进一步侦办中。   深圳晚报记者 陈章琦 编辑 武晓晨相关的主题文章: