Kekexili rescue ongoing search and rescue team and trapped the main Xunshan team successfully joined-魔界骑士イングリッド

Kekexili: rescue ongoing search and rescue team and trapped the main team Xunshan successful rendezvous – Beijing, Beijing, Xining, August 30, (Pei Fei) reporter just from Qinghai Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Hoh Xil authority) was informed that the Qinghai Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve Area Management Bureau received a rescue group telephone report, after nearly 76 hours of rescue, trapped at an altitude of 5000 meters on Lake area Kekexili Hoh Xil authority trapped the main team Xunshan 30 at 10:30 in the morning has been successful with the rescue team. To fully protect the ecological environment of the West in cocoa, cocoa on the West in administration from May this year, with the inscription and the national park construction, carry out intensive Xunshan special action, has organized the 4 batch of Xunshan team, deployed a total of 8 cars, 24 people, 4 times to enter the protected area hinterland, Xunshan sustained action before the Yu Tian 160 after. In August 1st, the Hoh Xil authority sent again consists of 6 members of the main team Xunshan into the Hoh Xil lake, snow capped mountains, along the Sun Wei area to carry out Xunshan action, but because of the Hoh Xil area suddenly snow cool, coupled with the influence on the muddy swamp, along the way, the 6 Xunshan team with food shortage, a car is damaged, another car is in the vicinity of Pingdingshan bogged down in a quagmire unable to drive, 6 members of altitude sickness serious, physically exhausted. The Xunshan team trapped after the news, the Hoh Xil authority immediately set up a special rescue group consists of 5 Xunshan backbone, sent two Jeep battle flag, with oil, food, medicine, oxygen, maintenance and other accessories, starting in August 25th 7, the night went to the main team Xunshan trapped place to carry out rescue operations. The snow weather and Hoh Xil reserve swamps and muddy, the rescue team had to restrict action, in the past 6 days hard to place near the trapped, rescue teams and the main Xunshan team after the main Xunshan team got life, oil supply timely, after a rest, fall into the quagmire of the vehicle it is planned to rescue, tomorrow will withdraw to the Android Naihu protection station. It is reported that, although the rescue group and trapped the main Xunshan team to join, but the reserve is still the rain and snow weather, climate is still not improved, on the way back to the mire, after many swamps, the return stroke still very difficult. Kekexili is located in the northwest of the Tibetan Plateau, an area of 45 thousand square kilometers, an average elevation of 4600 meters, is the world’s third largest unmanned area, is also one of the four China unmanned area, therefore retains the original natural state completely. The last century since 90s, the Hoh Xil area occurred on Tibetan antelope poaching and anti poaching incidents become the focus of media attention. To fully protect the environment in the West Ecological cocoa, since this year, the Hoh Xil authority to carry out intensive special action of 160 Ranger Yu Tian. (end)相关的主题文章: