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6 year old girl suffering from refusing to go to school, a headache headache into the school original title: strange! 6 year old girl to go out when a good school headache and fever! 6 year old girl to go well in school will have a fever headache experts say that she is suffering from a "refusing to go to school", every hundred school-age children in 1 patients of Guangxi News Network – contemporary life newspaper reporter Intern Chen Jiajia       Han agricultural ADB core tip of new semester almost 3 weeks, on the second grade primary school heart Yue (a pseudonym) but stay at home. Don’t go to school, because every morning heart Yue arrived at the school gate, began headache, stomach pain, and even entered the school have a fever…… In every day go to school, or heart Yue happy, not what strange. Child psychology experts say, heart Yue is suffering from a disease of refusing to go to school. Each of the 100 school-age children in the disease, the incidence of in the age of 6-7 years old, 10-12 years old, and the incidence of male and female children is almost the same. They were suddenly reluctant to go to school in the school she had a stomachache recently, heart Yue’s grandfather and grandmother in the teacher’s suggestion, with his granddaughter came to the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital for children youth psychological clinic, two elderly people want to know, "what is the granddaughter?" Because parents have been working outside, the heart Yue from Grandpa and grandma grew up. Last year, the 6 year old heart Yue school, although only the first grade primary school from Monday to Thursday, she had to stay in school to go home on Friday. According to Grandpa said, heart Yue’s performance has been very good, basically do not have to worry about them. To the first grade next semester, he often said the heart does not want to go to school, "in the beginning, we thought that the child in the school life habit, we will pick every day, barely the semester is over," he said, the heart Yue situation becomes more and more bad in the new semester, she entered the school stomach pain, headache, always crying to go home, Grandpa and grandma to let her stay in school for some time, she will have a fever, how also can not enter the classroom. See the heart Yue, working outside of the mother also specially came back, but accompanied by her mother, he still can not go to school heart. Grandpa had more than once, why have he don’t want to go to school is not in school, what happened? Heart Yue always shook his head without a word. "As long as she is not allowed to go to school on the normal, singing and dancing at home, in the evening to read their own books, homework," said grandpa. The reporter saw the heart Yue in the hospital, her smiling face, from time to time with grandpa with Johnson, grimacing. The reporter tried to chat with the heart Yue, face the reporter puts forward "why don’t you go to school, playing with my classmates and other problems", she was silent. Even with the help of a psychiatrist, she still did not give any answer. My brother was born he began refusing to go to school. Coincidentally, the 8 year old Yi Fan (a pseudonym) in this term has not been one day. Compared with the heart Yue, Yifan’d say the mother gave birth to you – don’t want to go to school a little brother, he is afraid of his mother don’t, Kay相关的主题文章: