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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews A diamond watch is a gift certain to make an impression and the men who wear such luxury watches in the boardroom are certain to attract attention. The fact is that nothing proclaims high status and rank like mens diamond watches ; if you dont know exactly what kind of gift to give, consider a diamond watch . A Great Tradition The earliest mens watches were actually luxury watches worn only by the wealthy. These timepieces, which first became available around the time of the Protestant Reformation, were large and awkward by todays standards, and were worn on a chain draped around the neck. In fact, the Protestant Reformation which started in the 1500s with Martin Luther was a significant factor in the development of luxury watches. When Protestantism came to France, those who rejected the Catholic church were forced to flee the country. One destination was Geneva, Switzerland; among the French Protestants who resettled were jewelry craftsmen. John Calvin, founder of their Huguenot faith, was a theocrat who ruled Geneva with an iron hand. He took a dim view of adornment such as jewelry; to avoid running afoul of ecclesiastic law, these French Huguenot jewelers began expressing their appreciation for beauty by creating exquisite timepieces. To this day, the highest praise that can be given regarding a mechanical device is the phrase, It runs like a Swiss watch. Todays Luxury Watches The finest diamond watches are manufactured by Rolex, Cartier, Citizen, Movado and Winston. Of course, such quality does not .e cheap; the finest Rolex mens diamond watches can cost as much as $17,000. Those who are willing to consider mens watches that may not have quite so many gems installed may find excellent timepieces for as little as $1000, however. To Buy Online or Not to Buy? There are indeed some excellent deals to be had on mens diamond watches on the World Wide Web but one should definitely exercise caution when shopping. If you see a diamond watch from Rolex and its priced in the three-figure range, chances are that someone is trying to scam you. The old adage If it sounds too good to be true is definitely applicable here. It is also true that an online merchant is not burdened with the same business expenses that traditional brick-and-mortar operations must shoulder. This can mean substantial savings on mens watches. If you are considering buying a diamond watch online, the easiest way to protect yourself is to contact the manufacturer of the timepieces in which you have interest and confirm that the website is an authorized dealer. That way, youll know whether or not youre getting a fair deal and that the warranty on your diamond watch will be honored. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: