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Vacation-Rentals On your holiday to Munich, there are many places that are great for exploring with the help of a cheap car hire. The spectacular city is located in the southern portion of Germany in the Bavarian state. Surely, there are a lot of unique and exciting places to visit in the city, but the best way to enjoy everything southern Germany has to offer is with a Munich car hire. Give yourself the holiday of your dreams with a cheap Munich car hire. You can start your Munich car hire journey by picking up the vehicle at the airport or any other location in the city. Munich has a plethora of wonderful locations that are well worth a visit. The first place you should go is the old town center. The Town Hall in the Marienplats Square has been a meeting location for hundreds of years and will likely remain for centuries to .e. Another historic site that is very close to the square is the Frauenkirche. This magnificent cathedral is the main symbol of Munich and a must see for every tourist. The Frauenkirches spires reach a height of 99 meters and the interior can seat over 20,000 people. Other historical Munich tourist attractions include the Maximilianeum, the Nymphenburg Palace and Ludwigstrasse. Although Munich is a city of great history, there are a lot of modern places to explore. With a car hire Munich, it is easy to travel all around the city and enjoy the sites that make it beautiful. Perhaps the most recognizable building in the city is the BMW Headquarters. Dressed in all silver, this futuristic .plex, with the world headquarters and the ever popular BMW museum, is a really great place to visit. It is a good idea to use a tour guide for the museum because they are very knowledgeable and passionate about the cars. It is quite a unique experience. Nearby the BMW campus, you can go to the Munich Olympiapark. The site of the 1972 summer games, this is a very special place to spend a the day. There are a lot of sporting events on the grounds today and the 291 meter tall Olympic Tower provides an unbeatable vantage point of the city. There are plenty of other impressive places to enjoy in the city, but you should also think about take a day trip away from the urban area with a Munich car hire. The best place to drive a Munich car hire is easily the Neuschwanstein Castle. Take the short drive east of Munich and be greeted by the most popular tourist destination in Germany. Although this castle is a magnet for tourists from around the world, you have no choice but to .e and see for yourself. If you have ever dreamed of seeing a fairytale castle, Neuschwanstein is the place to be. The castle is perfectly positioned atop of a hill and can be seen from miles away. Drive with a car hire Munich to this remarkable site and transcend yourself into the amazing history of the Neuschwanstein. The best way to travel to all of these great places in southern Germany is with a car hire Munich. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: