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UnCategorized Grand Canyon helicopters provide awesome sightseeing experiences, all year round. Since Labor Day is nearly here, it’s the perfect time to start planning a weekend in Vegas and a canyon tour. Vegas is a great place to start your helicopter tour because you’ll get your choice of a landing or air tour. They both follow the same flight path, so you’ll get aerial views of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam no matter which type of tour you book. And both tours also provide awesome views of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Air tours provide impressive fly overs, while landing tours throw in a little extra for those who love adventure. Las Vegas Landing Tours While you have a choice in tour types and upgrades, one of the best choices is the deluxe landing tour that departs from the Strip in Vegas. Deluxe tours offer extra in that you will receive a limousine shuttle to and from your hotel, and you will fly in the state-of-the-art EcoStar 130 helicopter. You can take one of these tours on a chopper that flies down to the canyon floor so you can get out near the banks of the Colorado River. As a nice touch, this tour comes with a champagne picnic, and you can even take a boat tour along the Colorado River if you like. Tours Of The South Rim If you prefer to start your tour in Arizona, then you’ll tour the South Rim instead, but you can also go to the South Rim from Vegas. This is just a one hour flight from Las Vegas, or you can drive to Tusayan from anywhere in Arizona. There’s a 30-minute tour which is the most inexpensive, but if you have a little extra to spend then I recommend the 50-minute tour. On the longer tour, you get to see the land between the South and North Rims as well as the area of the park all the way to the eastern boundary. You’ll see many amazing and beautiful sights on this tour. Helicopters can’t land inside the canyon at the South Rim, but you can still take a fun 4×4 tour of the park. You can choose a package that includes the 30 minute air tour, with a two and a half hour Jeep tour. Seeing the canyon from the ground is a thrilling experience too, especially when you combine it with an air tour. EcoStar Sightseeing Choppers For the optimum viewing experience on any air tour you choose, be sure to look for the deluxe option. The EcoStars have more room inside the cabins and they are extremely comfortable to ride in, plus they have huge wraparound viewing windows for panoramic sightseeing. The cabins are much quieter than those of older helicopters and they are able to fly much smoother too. So if you are able to book a deluxe tour, don’t pass up the chance to fly on one of these aircraft. Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours On Labor Day Labor Day Weekend is September 5th-7th, and it is the last big vacation weekend for the year. So expect tours to sell out quickly since the canyon will be busy for the holiday. If you want to take a tour on Labor Day, then book as early as you can. Go ahead and book now if you can, but at least do it before August 24. Buying your tour early is the sure way to get seats for your tour. Book your tour online and you’ll get the lowest price on your tour and instant confirmation of your seat reservations. Make This The Best Labor Day Yet A helicopter tour is the best way to see the Grand Canyon, and it is a thrilling experience too. The fact that you can combine your ticket with landing or ground based tours, means that there is plenty of flexibility to plan the adventure of a lifetime. Just remember to book your seats early and buy your tour online. The Grand Canyon is a vast and beautiful national treasure. See it in a way you can truly appreciate it by booking a helicopter tour out of Las Vegas or Tusayan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: