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Mobil-.puting Blackberry in recent time be.e very popular in the field of mobile applications. With a Blackberry Smart Phone, you can link effortlessly with your clients, partners and business associates to talk regarding essential matters and details. RIM’s Blackberry devices are a vital .munication tool that allows use of personal and business apps without .promising security. Blackberry offers a wide range of undisputed services to its customers all over the world. Some of its latest features include ability to run application on the background, the application center will automatically check for updates daily. As there is a substantial progress in mobile application development , the future in this is also very thriving and progressive for mobile application developers. Market is getting hotter and hotter with latest and excellent applications for Blackberry smart phones but choosing best among them is very vital. Mobile applications are available for every type of user, whether you are a music lover, a gaming freak or a social networking user, there are thousands of apps as per your need. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous Blackberry apps that are ruling the market at present: 1.Facebook: Facebook is free and one of the most famous social networking app for Blackberry. The integration of this app with the Blackberry includes immensely interactive interface, soft filching, touch, zoom photos, and many more. You can prefer to phase your contacts up with their Facebook profiles, so at any time when a friend calls, his/her Facebook image appears on your screen. The aggregator .prises a status bar for your instant updates, and petite thumbnail photos smaller than your fingernail. You can .ment, like, poke, write on a friend’s wall, view your message in-box and friends and a lot more. Overall Facebook is a must have app in your Blackberry smart phone. 2.Blackberry messenger: BBM app has .e a long way and now is available in many of your desired apps, so that you can share or chat with your BBM friends. You can send and receive messages in seconds for free. You can also check when your message has been delivered or read. You can create your own BBM network, share your thoughts with up to 2000 characters and if that’s not sufficient, you can exchange pictures, videos and files up to 6 MB. It lets you open multiple chat windows at the same time and you can play games while chatting. There is one problem with it that it consumes a lot of time in downloading it. You need to have a strong network connection to download it and once downloaded you will surely love this app. 3.Tank Recon 3D: Tank Recon 3D was first introduced a year ago and at that time is not .patible with many Blackberry smart phones but its latest version is available for majority of Blackberry phones. With first person tank shooter real-time 3D graphics, it establishes itself as one of the well-liked fun games on the platform. With your advanced tank named alpha, you will have to destroy your enemy tanks, planes etc. There are two modes of play this game, first one is mission mode and the second one is survival mode. In the mission mode, passing by the play story you will go through several levels and have to defeat your evil enemy at every level. In the survival mode, you will directly jump right into the action and have to survive as long as you can. The touchscreen controls are pretty simple and super sensitive. Overall, it possesses all qualities to acquire a place in your Blackberry smart phone. 4.Slide2Open: It is most downloaded and one of the most famous,free app, for Blackberry Smart phones. This app avoids unintentional push calling eternally by locking up your touch screen. There will be no more empty text messages, no more unintended app launches, and whether it .es in saving power to make calls or running background apps during the lock in your phone, Slide2Open will keep you going all day long. For locking your phone, select a suitable key for Slide2Open and just press the icon. It works with almost every Blackberry touchscreen model and looks classy when it is locked and graceful to use. 5.Photo Studio: If you want to play with your photos on Blackberry smart phone then this app will surely help you in that case. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, Photo Studio will guide you with simple but powerful image processing on the go. Its latest updated version .es up with a lot improved add on feature. With this app in your smart phone, you can perform all transfer and base photo operations at a relatively fast speed. Applying single or multiple effects to an image, applying digital frames or output format and a lot more, it will be a worth to have this app in your smart phone. There are 15 million Blackberry users in the market. This fact shows that why new mobile applications are released on daily basis. But among those several apps you need to find out the best apps which suit you and your need. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: