Let Others Work For Your Residual Cash Income-helmet怎么读

UnCategorized Every time someone else sells something, you make money with absolutely no effort on your part. This is the thought behind creating residual cash income and for many people has led to their being able to live a good life. While a few methods of creating residual cash income have been determined to be illegal, there are numerous opportunities that are not only legal, they are also ethical. Think of Avon, Stanley Home Products, Fuller Brush Company and you can begin to understand the opportunities for people to make a residual income. For example, one person is selling a product or service and they bring in a person to work under them, selling the same product or service in another location. The first person will receive a percentage of the sales from the second person. Now, that second person brings a third person into the group in another location. The third person makes a sale, person two and person one all make a percentage of the third person’s sales. The residual income from the progressive sales get smaller at the top of the line, but person number one will still have created a residual cash income and eventually will have to do nothing but collect the money. Think retirement. Additionally, working with different companies several streams can be created, adding to your residual cash income. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to join this type company and not be so far down the list that the only income you make is from your own sales. Getting into this opportunity close to the beginning will generate more residual cash income for you than joining in too late. When you look at this type business establishment, considered by some to be multi-level marketing, research the product or service being sold. Determine if there is a legitimate need for it and is it attractive enough to generate public interest as well as repeat business. There are a few multi-level marketing ideas that have been floating around for years touting the fact that you can create an income stream for yourself simply by recruiting others to sell products for you. Some may have a pretty good sales pitch and a decent product. The bottom line, however, is someone down the line has to sell something in order for anyone to make money. Once you have found a product that you believe in and are willing to sell, you can then enlist others to join in the fun and work under you, becoming part of what is referred to as your downline. Even knowing that people over you, in what is called your upline, are making money you will have a residual cash income for every sale made by people in your downline. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: