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Sao Bernardo do Campo, Councilors dirty and disgusting! Dr. Wagner Paulon November 2011 It is with regret that probably in Sao Bernardo do Campo 99% of Councillors there is dirty and disgusting, (Corrupt), the State of So Paulo. We have more news on the various violations committed by delinquency and marginality of the city council, and therefore in this city without laws, that, in the heart of the Greater ABC Paulista. without anyone taking any action. We doubt that if any citizen of this city council can talk, because they put in positions of Presidents of the Republic, Amazing, nobody meets or can be attended by the Councillor. If you insist, will be attended by Secretary of the secretary, the secretary’s desk chief of staff, and oddly enough, and they are mostly semi literate. In City Council speaks only at high fees, football, women, party, and how fattening their pockets with lucrative benefit in kind (MONEY). Try sending e-mail, requesting some action by any subject to all Councillors, and that only an oped, will respond. Altogether there are 21 aldermen and 20 are concerned about their own pockets and get some kind of bribery. Just look at their faces, and this will tell you everything. Facies disgusting, liars, sadistic, Cynics, Offenders, which faces betray their behaviors and attitudes. And do not worry that his wife is doing when they are away from home. They worry a lot more in getting them what they can bring to the house (CASH). Try to talk to the mayor. More than ever, and will never even received. Sao Bernardo do Campo is den of corruption so that even law graduates (police officers), take advantage and make this city a Persian market, ie demand high fees to close our eyes to facts aggressive, harmful to law-abiding citizens, which occur here. Facts described above, if they had occurred in the 1st World Countries and Developing Countries, would lead to fall of the chief of police and dome, as well as the secretary of security. But here, they are decorated, with higher wages and honorary awards, all to cover up the mess produced by the actions of their peers. Try an experiment: Look for a public service of Sao Bernardo do Campo, to see if it is well attended. We doubt. Look for a police station in the region of SBC to inform and prepare police reports for some reason. We bet that after six to seven hours will be very poorly attended and if you complain, you still sue for contempt of authority. If the police call a delegate’s degree, he is able to attack you because he wants to be called Doctor, what is not. Do an experiment: try to connect, to talk to any alderman of the city of So Bernardo do Campo, and will have the pleasant surprise that no pooch, you will meet. And traffic tickets in this city, most of them are illegal and violate the Constitutional rights of the citizen. Places that never happened or parked, within weeks, there is a false assessment notice. And if by chance this appeal, in accordance with current legislation in this country, your appeal will be dismissed. As for the municipal health centers, are true infectious centers, staff dirty, filthy and transmission of all bacteria that is this universe. And the Forum of Sao Bernardo do Campo, the judges (with rare exceptions), which are placed in a position to Gods, but are formed by colleges backyard, they find Fake diplomas from universities to improve their curricula nonexistent. And the employees of the "forum" then, smiling sarcastically, sadistically and with deep sense of superiority and the unfortunate citizen who goes there, ask for a document. At the bottom of these employees are not prostitutes as second jobs, and are simply illiterate and highly corruptible (with rare exceptions). Anyway, all in Sao Bernardo do Campo, is intended to harm the general population. Even the courts to collect vehicles, are havens for crime, because if your car has courtyards seizure of Sao Bernardo do Campo, prepare yourself to find it totally stripped and broken, and still have to pay fortune for release it from the hands of criminals and outcasts highly pericula that their employees are disgusting, give up feeling sick to look at their faces. In elections for alderman, I hope not vote these disgusting and filthy council. I pray all the time for the Federal Government to install IPCs. Against this infamous city and that the Federal Police initiate investigations to determine corrupt actions of graduates (police officers) at police stations, especially in the 2nd District Police Rudge Ramos – SBC – SP. About the Author: Psychoanalyst and Master in the Psychopathology (Escola Paulista) in SP-BREZIL; Full orthodox psychoanalytic training and Didactic Analysis on the Psychoanalytical; Clinical Psychologist at (Saint Meinrad College) in USA; Educator at (FEC-ABC) in SP-BREZIL; MBA (University Abet) in USA; Specialization Course on Drugs (USP) in So Paulo, BREZIL; Associate Professor of Brazilian Universities and Colleges; Exercise Clinical and Educational Activities for more than Thirty-Five Years; Member of several International Scientific Societies; Member of the Brazilian Red Cross – Branch State of Sao Paulo; Member of International Organization "Doctors Without Borders; Current Director of the Psychoanalytic Center of Ubatuba – SP and Represent Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Positive-Attitude 相关的主题文章: