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Marriage-Wedding Congratulations, you have gotten engaged, and you have found the Sacramento wedding photographer that fits your wedding & personal style, now what do you? Is that all you can do to ensure your wedding day photos are the best they can be? No, included in this article are some tips when planning your wedding day, tips that will help you to ensure that you set your wedding day up so that your photographer can capture the best wedding photos possible. Good photographs do not just happen; they are a fusion of good .position, the perfect moment, enough time and great lighting. Any good Sacramento wedding photographer will know this, and look for these key "ingredients" for their photos, but what can you do to ensure as many of your photos have these ingredients as possible? We have put together some suggestions for you to consider when planning out your wedding day. These concepts .e from our experience in Sacramento weddings. If you plan ahead, it will lessen the stress of your wedding day, and have the added benefit of providing your photographer with as many of the key ingredients to successful, emotional beautiful photos. You have probably spent many hours if not many days invested in researching your Sacramento wedding photographer, you went to their website, their blog, you met with them and looked at their albums, talked about their photographic style and your vision for your wedding. And it was not until all of that fell into place that you chose the right photographer for you. You could have the best photographer in the world, but they are not a mind reader. Make sure you .municate to your photographer if there are any "must have" photos . Sure they know to get a photo of the 1st kiss, the 1st dance, a photo of you and your groom together. If they are good they are not going to need to be told to get a photo of you with your parents, or your 1st sight of each other. So throw out that list from the wedding sites that has a million photos listed that would make a 3 year old say, "DUH, of COURSE they would want that photo!", instead share with your wedding photographer anything that holds significance or special meaning to you. For instance you have a family friend who took on an almost grandmotherly role in your life and you want that special bond recognized in the photos. Or your great aunt & uncle flew in from Russia to be here, and you want to make sure you get a photo of them or with them. Are there any details that you planned that you are really excited about and want recorded in the photos? A "legacy" table that honors loved ones that have passed on? Or maybe you and your sister in law spent days folding paper cranes and have all your guests" names on the cranes for your seating assignments. Or maybe you just LOVE your candy bar, make sure to let your wedding photographer know about these details. Prepare your family and friends for the style of photography you have chosen . You spent quite a bit of time doing your research and meeting with Sacramento wedding photographers, to select just the right photographer personality and style that met your desires for your wedding day. We encourage you to share with whomever is going to be with you as you are getting ready (bridesmaids, groomsmen, mom, dad, etc.), who you have selected as your photographer, and why. Share your photographer’s website with them and blog, so they can see not only the style of photographs, but also I would hope your photographer’s blog shows a bit of your photographer’s personality. This will help your loved ones to better understand what to expect as your photographer spends the day with you. If the Sacramento wedding photographer you selected has a documentary or photojournalistic style, like we do, they will be with you much of the day recording the events as they happen. The goal is to tell the story of your wedding day authentically through photos. They are not looking for your friends and family to be "cheezin" for the camera during these moments. They will be taking a lot of photos throughout the day, and a good photographer will weed out the unflattering photos. Assure your loved ones of this so that they can relax and almost forget about the camera to ensure those authentic photos. If you want certain people to help you (the bride) into your dress, prepare them prior to the wedding day. Let them know what time you plan on getting into your dress so that they can be ready by that time, since they too will be in of these photos. We also suggest they go with you to the final dress fitting if possible, so the dress designer can give them any special instructions about the dress. Regardless of if your "dress helper" is able to make it to the final fitting or not, it would be beneficial to have a trial run a day or so before the wedding day. And don’t forget to take your dress out to air out/relax according to your dress designers suggestions to minimize wrinkles. The last think you want to be worried about a few hours before your ceremony, is a few wrinkles in your wedding gown. Plan out the timing of your wedding thoughtfully , you want your day to not only be memorable, but as stress free as possible. You will have worked hard over the next several months planning for your big day. A good timeline, that allows ample time for each of your events, travel etc., will help minimize stress and add to the success of your day. You may not be a planner, don’t worry, your wedding day timeline does not have to be a excel spreadsheet mapping out each second of the day, but rather guideline for the day. If you still struggle at putting together a timeline, then enlist the help of a professional event coordinator, and/or your other wedding vendors. Most Sacramento wedding photographers will be more than happy to get together with you prior to your wedding day, to help in putting together a timeline for your wedding day. Once you have .pleted your wedding day timeline, share a copy with your wedding vendors, groom, wedding party, family and any friends that will be a part of your wedding day. If everyone is on the same page and knows the plan for events, everyone can work together to keep the day running smoothly and stress free. A tip when putting together your wedding day timeline, pad in 5-10 minutes everywhere you can. And do not forget to allow time in your timeline for travel and any traffic you may encounter driving to different locations. With as many people and details involved in a wedding day, there are bound to be minor issues that will arise. If you allow extra time in your schedule, when something happens, you will alleviate any stress by having this extra time available. We encourage you to have a trial run for hair & makeup (even its being done by yourself or a friend) prior to your wedding day. This helps both you and your stylist to find the "perfect" style for your wedding day. It also give you a good idea of how long to plan for in your wedding day timeline. As a general rule of thumb, typically allow 1 hour for each of your bridesmaids with your stylist, and 2+ hours for the bride. But this time will vary with different styles, hair types and with different stylists. So it is always best to have that trial run done before setting up your wedding day timeline. Consider, when planning, where you will be getting ready . Many Sacramento wedding photographers, who have a documentary style to their photography, will be with you as you are getting prepared for your big day. What is the lighting like where you will be getting ready? Natural light is best when available, big windows, which you can pull back any curtains or shades on, are best. Is the room cluttered or open and not too busy? Consider having one room for your wedding party to get ready in, and one room to keep "stuff" to reduce clutter in the background of the photos. What is the decor of the room? Is it something that you would like, or cringe at when looking back at your wedding photos? Is the room .fortable? Especially pay attention to temperature, and the quality of cooling available in the room. Even in the middle of winter, a small room can get quite warm and un.fortable with several people nervous and getting ready at once. Also scout out to make sure there are plenty of mirrors, sinks and outlets available for everyone. We encourage all of our couples to consider seeing each other prior to the ceremony . This is a very personal decision for your wedding day, and it is not something that everyone wants to do. But there are many benefits to this if you are open to it. If you are meeting first, your Sacramento wedding photographer can arrange for a private location for you two to see each other for the first time. Your photographer will find a place that is beautiful in photos, and can set it up so that they can ensure capturing those ever important "first reactions". It also allows you and your fiance an opportunity to have 10-15 minutes alone, privately on one of the biggest days of your lives. It will probably be the only time you have alone together during your wedding day. This also allows for your photographer to get all your wedding portraits done before the ceremony, so that you and your wedding party can go straight to the reception and not keep your guests waiting. Another benefit to taking the photos prior to the ceremony, is you can plan for ample time for these photos, allowing your photographer to take creative beautiful photos without you, your wedding party and your photographer feeling stressed about wanting to get you back to your waiting guests. Do not forget, if you plan to take ANY formal photos prior to the ceremony, to let your florist know what time you will need the flowers by. If you choose to see each other prior to the ceremony, we suggest you make sure to let your wedding party, and any family you need for photos know what time you will need them ready for the photos. Remember what we mentioned above, and pad some extra time in to the time you tell your friends and family to be ready for the photos. It is inevitable that someone will be running late, but if you have padded some time in, you will not be stressed! And lastly you did your homework, you chose the very best vendors, you planned for the best, relax and trust your wedding photographer . During the wedding day, they may ask you to try something less traditional. We would encourage you to have fun… play with it! Doing so will allow your photographer to create unique and special photographs for you, photographs that you may have never dreamed of, but could be.e your favorite photos from the day. And then most importantly, have fun & be creative . This is your big day. Don’t to have fun! This day should be something to remember for a lifetime!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: