Gift Wrapping Tips And Trends For 2009-木村kaela

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Tis the season to be wrapping, and every December millions of fingers are engaged in the exciting (and for some, hopeless) task of concealing gifts in paper. Some people, like me, love Christmas just for the wrapping: creativity unleashed. But, other may harbor a bit of taedium vitae for the age-old ceremony. Cheer up. Gift wrapping is still in. In fact, Christmas gift wrapping gets more exciting each year. Here are some tried-and-true (and some off-the-wall) ideas that you may want to try out in 2009. Dreaming of a Green Christmas Red and green are Christmas colors of choice. Why not put a little extra green in your gift-wrapping this yearan eco-friendly choice? Some may misconceive of green wrapping to be drab, dull, and so un-Christmas. Not true. Todays green wrapping paper is just as exciting and colorful as its non-green counterparts. Green wrapping can be as simple as purchasing recycled wrapping paper. Other ideas are using a bag that can be reused next year. You may wish to try wrapping your gift in a paper shopping bag that can be colored, drawn upon, and creatively enhanced with some artwork. Think of things lying around the house that could function as gift-wrapold calendar pages, an outdated map, or even colorful newspaper. Or, add an actual touch of green to a wrapped gift by enhancing it with pinecones or holly leaves. Make the Wrapping the Gift Ditch wrapping paper altogether, and go with a different ideawrapping your gift in another gift. For example, say you want to get your brother a set of wrenches. Maybe he needs a new toolbox, too. Buy him a toolbox or tool bag, and allow that to function as your wrapping. Nearly any gift can be easily wrapped in an attractive wicker basket. A cedar gift box or beautifully decorated pine box is just as appreciated as the gift inside. A new cooking pot is an alternative to wrapping up a set of kitchen knives. Even something as mundane or practical as a laundry basket, tackle box, pitcher, vase, or serving bowl are marvelous giftsand wrapping. Double Wrap Ever thought about wrapping a gift twice? It certainly adds some creativity and flair. Metallic-style wrapping papers often have a bit of a transparency to them. Using a bold-colored wrapping paper underneath it adds a shimmery color to your wrapping job. Consider purchasing see-through wrapping paper or cellophane to add an accent to the wrapping. Even kitchen plastic wrap, used carefully, is a neat enhancement to Christmas wrapping paper. Add an Extra Gift Perhaps youre still .mitted to the traditional method of wrappinggood ol Santa paper and a matching bow. Go ahead, but try adding a second gift outside the wrapping. It may be as simple as tying a candy cane on top. Or, go a bit further. Instead of a ribbon, try a scarf. Instead of a paper bow, try a hair bow. A jump rope can replace twine, and some colorful fishing lures may be an eye-catching alternative to a fishermans gift. Bags are Still In Even if youre not into spending hours wrapping your gifts, you can still use a bag. Bags are attractive, easy and simple. With a few colorful pieces of tissue paper and a bag, your wrapping is done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: