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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Flat screen HDTVs are the rage world over. Shops online and offline are weaving their magic and movie buffs and others are draw towards the high resolution offered by the HDTVs. World over electronic giants are all vying for a slice of the HDTV pie. And online magazines and websites are all promoting, reviewing, and rating HDTVs with a passion. When buying an HDTV you need to be an informed buyer and follow nine basic rules: 1. Log onto the internet and view HDTV ratings from leading electronic sites. You will know which products are popular and why. 2. Before buying an HDTV think what size will suit you best. The larger the HDTV the more costly it will be. You need to choose a size based on viewing preferences and not think larger the better. 3. Study the features of HDTVs and make a list of feature you like in a television. Find out whether the manufacturer offers an in-home testing of the HDTV. 4. Check out the location of the controls in the HDTV of your choice. Make sure the buttons are easily accessible especially if you are planning to wall mount the HDTV. 5. Find out about resolutions. The bigger the set the higher is the need for high resolution. If the screen is 40 inches diagonally then the resolution will not matter much however experts re.mend 1080p as best if you are thinking long term investment. 6. When selecting an HDTV .pare sets side-by-side and check sports channels for a true understanding of speed of images. 7. Insist on checking various contrast and brightness settings. This will guarantee your making a great purchase. Often sales people manipulate contrast and brightness settings on HDTV models as they want to promote or push sales of. 8. Check that the HDTV has a HDMI port of 1.3 specifications. Insist on a port that accepts 1080p the standard for next generation. 9. Buy an HDTV that is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer. In the intense race for supremacy smaller manufacturers may not survive. So think of what can happen in the future before choosing a "good bargain." Before buying an HDTV you must consider where you are going to place it. Ideally the size of your room, light, placement of windows and so on will guide the size of the HDTV. Learn about HDTV feeds and available programs. Take an informed call on whether to buy an integrated HDTV or one with a digital ready monitor. Read websites like PC world for expert guides and reviews on HDTVs. Before you buy an HDTV find out whether the cable or satellite transmission is .patible to HDTVs. Always make .parison shop online and offline and buy a product that fits your budget. HDTV is the entertainment avenues of the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: