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A "Amitabha", received merit far more than the 5? Namo Amitabha (data plan) "Amitabha", the Buddha, is the crystallization of 10000 kinds of merit, has the great power of unbelievable. It is the ocean of samsara in Cihang, is slowly night. Five people present Buddha beauty obtained. These are Shakya Muni Buddha himself in the Buddhist scriptures discovery, no Buddha lying! 1, often all gods invisible guardian. All the gods in heaven, respect people see the Buddha Dharma, joy of praise, to protect it. Therefore, the Buddha who does not seek to avoid calamity, natural avoid calamity; not for family safe, natural and safe family. The Buddha said, but a little interest for life. For God said, is the accumulation of merit, the interests of both parties. 2, often with the guardian of all bodhisattvas. The task is for the Buddhist Bodhisattva, sentient beings. So often at no amount of travel of the ten party, Purdue has the reason. The Buddha and Bodhisattvas all sentient beings are destined, sentient beings in the ocean of samsara, one said, is issued to the Buddha’s cry for help. So he said: "life and death in the sea, the first buddha". The name is for help, the Bodhisattva made no sound is the edge, conditioned, interaction, natural death of Kyrgyzstan Pang, from suffering, this is the fruit. Since ancient and modern, many have suffered distress due to edge of sentient beings, and called the name, due to recite the name and turned the corner, also due to the interests of the Buddha and the letter, vow, Pureland, see the Buddha smell. "The first to make the hook pull into the Buddha" this is all good degree of bodhisattva. 3, to support the Buddha Day and night read, Amitabha often put the light under the perturbation. Often read: all Buddhas protect, protect; miss, miss. "Amitabha" said: "it is all good men and good women, are all the Buddhas of the support are read, do not turn back from a mattress three small Bodhi of three doro". Furthermore, protected and miss all the Buddhas, Buddhas as protection and miss power so they practice unbelievable, heart can never turn back, until the Buddha’s wisdom — a three supreme Bodhi three perfect mattress. In this case, even if the world can’t go Elysian Fields, but has a good root, will not turn back, will one day be reborn in the pure land, see the Buddha smell.   photo by: Amitabha, Amitabha light, Amitabha buddha. Buddha’s light of wisdom, cross the ten sides, beyond space. Buddha’s light than the sun’s 100 billion times the sun, the light, a wall will be cut off. The Buddha’s light is nothing, nothing can not be separated. "Amitabha" is the amount of light is life, the Buddha is the Dharmakaya Buddha, all of this out of the. Furthermore, the elimination of karma, the heart is pure, pure in body and mind; the heart is buddha. It is "absurd to really show the truth. 4, the Buddha, light candle (photo), forty miles (away) all evil, do not harm; all she long poison, I shall not be. All of this with the resident heart, like a big mirror, can according to the amount of light has no day. But many students were blinded to the dirt, dull. A Buddha, is to eliminate the purifying agent, the elimination of some thoughts, heart light exposure, who put the light up to forty miles away. This is true and false. 5,.相关的主题文章: