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A little gold information governance: no user personalized active expression are pseudo Personalization – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, September 26th, at a point of information held in the first point + media salon, a vice president of golden rule of "information value change: reading title game" human nature and algorithm make a speech. Kim believes that ignoring the initiative to express the user’s personalized are pseudo personalized. He had time to fire Baoqiang Wang, Ma Rong gave a vivid interpretation of the event as an example: "like events last month Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong, some of the so-called personalized products full screen Baoqiang Wang news, beginning users out of curiosity will have this kind of news can meet user gossip, see psychological needs, but too after the algorithm will continue to push the user Baoqiang Wang news, but users really want to continue to focus on the incident of Baoqiang Wang? Not always。 So, this is only based on user clicks behavior, there is no initiative to express the interests of the user’s personalized only pseudo personality." Currently on the market most of the so-called personalized reader, click behavior often just simply rely on the user to push, to allow the machine to guess the user interest in passive, but not in the mechanism and technology of expression to the user left entrance. The lack of active users to express their interest in "pseudo personalized" products, often in the unilateral "speculation" behavior in human weakness trap, which is currently the title of the party, vulgar content to obtain high flow depth, good value has been ignored the crux of the problem. Bad money drives out good money, the entire content of the ecological collapse, the value of the media industry will be disintegrated. Reading and evolution: value pursuit of the same but different definitions of reading after entering the mobile Internet era, information explosion, entertainment to death, the fragmentation of reading, we hope to liberate users from massive content, can be simple, efficient and intelligent information dissemination, there may be a parenting Bible, there may be life, there are may be the flower of knowledge. Also because of the unique features of our products, but also to see some of the non entertainment value of the reading trend of consumer upgrades. Although we may perhaps have found these now new vertical segments content may not be self rule function, but for Puzhong, but is the most valuable information. The standard and is not a panacea: no active users personalized expression is pseudo personalized news client personalized recommendation technology has become a standard. But this is just the click behavior of "guess you love" will appear a lot of problems based on for you to use this APP as a new user, it does not understand your interest, the machine can only give you some most people love to watch entertainment, gossip, hot content, and then click from you to determine your interest, this is undoubtedly one-sided. At the same time, this trailing user behavior in order to read in the next recommendation to please the user’s mechanism, in fact, did not attach importance to the user’s active expression. When it comes to talk about the algorithm and the human love to kill". Humanity has the novelty, inert ingredients, this algorithm provides the opportunity to. The algorithm is based solely on the behavior of the user clicks, it is only based on data survey to this information.相关的主题文章: