A Real Immigration Story-zhongguorentiyishu

Inspirational Immigration is one of the major problems faced by people from all around the world. When one decides to abide by the rules by the country of their immigration, they have to face problems from all quarters, and end up paying quite a significant amount of money and time before they finally get to .plete their immigration procedure. More often than not, people migrate because they had to face problems in their previous country in the first place and so it makes the troubles even more arduous. Similar was the case of Martha, who emigrated from Columbia, back in 1998 with her husband and younger daughter. Martha believes herself to be a warrior having fought at every step to ensure a good life in the new country. She came with her husband and daughter to Canada as landed immigrants or permanent residents, in search of a better livelihood. They had been kidnapped in their earlier place, Marthas husband Frank had even been held hostage until he was rescued by military envoy and Franks restaurant had been robbed too. The robbery even caused the death of a person and injury to others. The occurrence of these incidents made them decide that it was high time to move on. Martha and her husband wanted a place to raise their children safely and so zeroed in on Vancouver in Canada. They then rented a small house in North Vancouver which they thought was affordable and then they faced the problem when one migrates to a new country- an uncertain future. So, while Frank was wrapping up his business interest in Columbia, Martha found employment at Hotel Vancouver and then became a manager at Capers .munity Market. She then started a new venture, after getting a loan from federal Business Development Bank of Canada, launching operations for Latin .anics. Martha and her husband as well as their children are now Canadian citizens and regard Canada highly as one of the best countries to live in the world. Martha hopes that the Canadian government continues to take care of its people the way it does and uses a just system to see who all enters the country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: