According to – the Halloween night as the new year – and Sohu sayu-02

According to – the Halloween night as the new year – Sohu and Halloween night will be frightened again and again? Wrong, wrong, wrong, this Halloween night as the Chinese new year, a lot of bursting with happiness and joy. Not only eat, drink, and beauty can be seen, do not believe you look over. The God of wealth — don’t think this is what holiday is oh, a festive and lovable name. Located in the Lianhua villa area, large outdoor courtyard, listening to the song, Lu in the string, and poured a cup of beer, with a gentle breeze, is really very comfortable. Of course, you do not like the outdoors, the room also has a high foot table, Jun choice. The menu here is really varied, not only have the string line, and the flame of goose, crayfish, frog, fish and so on, are the main dishes, a variety of dishes is very delicate. As the flame goose, its name, a flame in front of oh. The goose has burst on the table, into the pot, then pour half a bottle of wine, lit from the side pot, until the flame goes, then simmer a little pot of flavor of the flame, geese can be eaten, the meat is not burnt wood, and the faint aroma of the wine is to increase the goose fresh taste. The more the taste of food. The huge fish steamed out, peeling, cold meat, tick down section, together with the sauce, delicious and refreshing dish, and food is also very convenient. Cold pork, shape beautiful, beautiful color, full of Sichuan dish, pork slice is thin, with Sichuan sauce, really delicious spicy cool. Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce blueberry yam, simple dishes, it is also a favorite, delicious and nutritious. Kebab is various, mutton, pork, lamb kidney and so on, everything, meat meat, plus home brewed beer, drunk the night is really beautiful. Finally, a small cucumber crayfish, with a little sweet, not only refreshing taste, will be more fierce. The menu here is to barbecue, Sichuan, love and love spicy barbecue are not to be missed.相关的主题文章: