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Akamai network report, Internet security concerns – Sohu technology network to create a global village, it is very difficult to communicate with each other closely connected the past life of isolation, but also shows the international status of network attack, also related with current events. CDN vendor Akamai quarterly release of network and information security reports, for them to accelerate, protect the customer site, recorded data, to tell you the network and network information security. Of course, Mirai is also a hot topic of Internet attacks. Akamai Japan and Asia Pacific Security Department Technical Director Michael Smith to explain the Akamai network status report. Akamai product variety, a total of three categories of access to information sources: Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS Mitigation Scrubbe, Operation System Firewall. DDoS Mitigation Scrubber technology comes from Akamai M & A, while Operation System Firewall is the technology that Akamai CDN business relies on. The 2016Q2 network attack is similar and the proportion of DDoS in recent years – although smaller scale attacks, but the frequency is more and more high inequality in Brazil attacks increased Brazil at the Rio Olympics, invested large sums of money to the event, but in poverty at home does not smell ask, cause network attacks on Brazil this season to increase the needle. Cyber attacks against Brazil reached 25%, more than the first quarter of the United States, the United States accounted for Q2 of 23%. "Brazil due to resource allocation of Olympic injustice, and become the target network security attacks will continue to confusion while Mirai Botnet attacks, with networking equipment to launch DDoS, down many major sites. Smith said the networking equipment product cycle is short, the equipment manufacturer, the hardware product profit is limited, launched 1, 2 years after the hope that consumers can change into new products, manufacturers no economic incentive to provide patches, so it is easy to invade. Smith also remind users have to pay attention to their own use of product safety, including whether a springboard for unscrupulous attacks. Information security can be expected in the future of the Internet is difficult to avoid confusion, and will continue for a while.相关的主题文章: