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Addictions Though many people associate rehab with hard drugs such as heroin, meth, and cocaine, alcohol addiction treatment is necessary for alcoholics to be.e sober. Substance abuse is a neurological disease, and clinical alcohol addiction treatment is the only way to effectively treat alcoholism. The same harmful changes that take place in the brains of drug addicts also occur in the brains of alcoholics. Like people addicted to illegal drugs, alcoholics must also make sweeping changes to their lifestyles in order to stay sober after rehab. Though addiction itself is not a matter of willpower or choice, alcoholics must make many touch choices to curb drug cravings and avoid their addiction triggers. Here are some of the lifestyle changes people must make after .pleting alcohol addiction treatment. Career Changes Alcohol is a .mon part of many workplace environments. Businesspeople are often expected to consume alcohol and even get drunk when they network with partners and clients. Headhunters often take their recruits and new hires to bars and other places where excessive alcohol consumption is encouraged. Even relatively tame office environments are often host to parties where drunkenness is acceptable. Avoiding these types of environments may require that recovering alcoholics find new jobs. Another reason why some alcoholics must change their careers is stress. As with other drug addictions, the .pulsion to drink is often exacerbated by chronically high stress levels. Work-related stress can also cause people to start drinking in the first place. People who .plete alcohol addiction treatment may find it necessary to change careers or relinquish workplace responsibilities in order to bring their stress down to a level they can mange without alcohol. New Friends In the United States and most other Western nations, drinking and even drunkenness are socially acceptable and often encouraged. Alcohol is the social drug of choice, and many recovering alcoholics find it difficult to continue associating with old friends while remaining sober. As painful as it may be, many alcoholics may simply have to find new friends or entirely new social circles. Thankfully, one of the focuses of alcohol addiction treatment programs is the formation of healthy, productive relationships. Addicts often meet new friends while they attend rehab, and they can make new friends and accountability partnerships at support groups within their .munities. Stress Management Careers are far from the only source of stress for most people including alcoholics. Since stress is so often the cause of alcoholism and relapse, recovering alcoholics must constantly practice stress management techniques to stay sober. Rehab clinics teach these techniques during individual counseling sessions. Alcoholics learn the root causes of their addictions, and they use their findings to develop personalized strategies for managing cravings and avoiding triggers. Reality therapies are also crucial because they help alcoholics connect their newly developed stress management techniques with real-world environments. By cooking, cleaning, shopping, and going about other daily activities during their inpatient treatment programs, alcoholics subconsciously learn to apply their therapies to everyday situations. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, click the links below to find a treatment center near you. Alcoholism is dangerous and even life-threatening, but an alcohol addiction treatment program can help you take back control of your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: