Also dare to drink Seven cancers are directly related to alcohol

Also dare to drink? Seven types of cancer and alcohol are directly related to the French health magazine "TOPSANTE" recently quoted the scientific journal "Addiction", a new study says that alcohol directly involved in causing 7 kinds of cancer, and the effect of the different levels of drinkers were advised to stop drinking. Although the harmful effects of alcohol on the human body are well known and documented, the causal link between alcohol and cancer remains unknown, the report said. A New Zealand study again shows that alcohol can directly participate in the cause of 7 types of cancer: breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, laryngeal cancer and oropharyngeal cancer. In this type of cancer, because cancer deaths caused by drinking accounted for about 6% of the global cancer, which does not include related skin cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer. The study said, the risk also spread to mild or moderate drinkers. Study author Jeanne Connor (JennieConnor) said that the more alcohol, the higher the risk of cancer. However, given the widespread presence of alcohol in the society, its influence on the light drinkers are also worth noting. In addition, the risk of smoking drinkers suffering from throat cancer or oral cancer than smoking or more drinkers. Related to the general public propaganda agencies should stop drinking, not only for heavy drinkers. Thankfully, the study also showed that, ready to stop drinking alcohol can reduce the risk of suffering from liver cancer, laryngeal or oropharyngeal cancer. Experts, alcohol dependence is a chronic Dutch act process, many people began to drink from the age of more than and 20, formed the habit of drinking, drink more and more, a large number of alcoholic liver damage and overall health, therefore, the majority of alcoholics are greatly shorten the life. Alcohol dependent patients will have a series of performance, such as drinking as the most important thing in life or very important thing, can not break, do not want to drink. Medicine for the diagnosis of alcohol dependence has strict diagnosis criteria, which has a tolerance is increased, also increased the drinker. The second is not to drink a "withdrawal symptoms", namely Shoudou, palpitation and other uncomfortable symptoms. "In patients with alcohol dependence have a characteristic, is to drink" open wine "morning fasting is drinking, because after a night of metabolism, there may be sweating, shaking hands and withdrawal, must drink two wine to feel comfortable. Once you don’t drink, your hands will shake, and some people can’t even finish their teeth and eat." Experts pointed out that a large number of long-term drinking will make people photism, phonism, or even lead to personality change. Some people think that drinking can also quit on their own, but in fact, the same drug, because of long-term psychological and physical dependence, alcohol is also very difficult. "You can’t use your willpower to avoid heart attacks, similarly, drinking due to the change of the physiological basis of the brain, and how the willpower to fight against alcoholism?" experts said. If you drink alcohol, there may be life-threatening. Therefore, alcohol dependent patients should seek professional help to seek medical help, medication and psychological treatment. Click to join the Guangdong provincial health official group (187945286) more exciting, more benefits, it is bad for you oh相关的主题文章: