Anne baby has the right opportunity, I will consider doing Director – Sohu reading gigolos

Baby Anne: there is a suitable opportunity, I would consider reading reporter Chen Chen film director – Sohu "in July and she", released September 14th morning interview with author Anne baby "in July and still" Anne baby first collection of short stories "a short story in" goodbye vivian. People don’t need to be ashamed of themselves. All the difficulties and confusion is sincere, fresh, vibrant, also have the potential to accumulate after metamorphosis. Anne did not think of the baby, the impression of low-key baby Anne (Qing Shan) will be willing to introduce the film side, to accept an interview for the film publicity platform. The movie is to be released in September 14th of July "and still" baby Anne, eighteen years ago to write this story. "In July and she" is one of the representatives of that period, two girls each other, a wandering in a quiet, a stay in the original life find peace. This double life, there are Anne baby shadow. From the text representation, when she was young she more like, the intense and whereabouts of unrest. These years, her child rearing and flowers, in between the lines has a stable and time this static, like July. Today, the name of the Anne baby renamed Qing Shan, also has the idea to do the director, and she has not come out to sell copyrighted works. "In July and still" copyright after the change, the Hongkong director Peter Chan hand, Peter Chan found a young director with Derek Tsang, the movie off Anne baby label symbol, two girls at the time of growth and change, paced sharp, ending was reversed and the suspense. This is a nice piece of business should be. The whole process, Anne baby did not participate in the discussion of the film, into the adaptation stage, especially so. It is said that even initially invited to see the film, she is rejected. But when the internal preview, she came. After reading, on her own micro-blog wrote, "before no participation, no known heart moved after the whistle. It was an early story written eighteen years ago. It was a time of turmoil and confrontation. Feel sincere, serious. Thank you for all the karma polymerization, this first formed by the film version of the book is the origin of good. When the official show will go to the cinema to see again." "The film adaptation is correct and heavy" Oriental Morning Post: I heard that when you see the movie cry, touch the point where? Qing Shan: I went with a friend, the two of us feel more moved, the film on the character of emotion regulation and grasp more delicate. Oriental Morning Post: Prose Writing in the past, but also often read some of the movies like the sentiment, if not the identity of the original author, how do you judge the current film? Qing Shan: this film seems to be a youth film, but because of the foundation of the novel and the creation of the team’s own temperament, so it seems more correct, more serious. Oriental Morning Post: film than novels have changed greatly, the director intends to join in July and still "swap life" concept, so Rong相关的主题文章: