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Apple Air Pods Bluetooth hearing aid functions into digital apple – Sohu expanded Bluetooth hearing aid in the latest   system; MFi (Made  for  iPhone) of mobile phone calls, FaceTime  direct dialogue and other audio signal film flow support. In addition, MFi  also added a new real-time listening function, allowing users through the   iPhone  on the microphone to the speaker audio conversion, even in a noisy environment can also hear clear voice.         this advanced? Built hearing aid support function uses AirPods technology, AirPods is Apple’s new wireless headset products, the use of special   apple; W1  chip to achieve seamless and flexible matching function between devices. Because these features are freely available at the operating system level, third party developers can take advantage of Apple’s screen reader and digital streaming technology.           iOS  10  medium, MFi  integrated equipment power and independent base, treble, left and right volume control function. On the basis of geographical location, MFi , and even can automatically identify whether the user into a Starbucks, and then their hearing aids can be automatically adjusted. Also supports "find my hearing aids" feature.         at present, Apple has been working with a number of hearing aid manufacturers to achieve advanced Bluetooth digital flow support, can be used to support hearing aid products, no longer need transit equipment.相关的主题文章: