August Tokyo premiere for Asian future unit awards lm3886

"August" Tokyo premiere for the future of Asia unit awards Sina entertainment news youth director Zhang Dalei movie debut "August", following the concerns raised in the 2016 FIRST Youth Film Festival, then a new dark horse for the Golden Horse Award 6 Awards, in Tokyo the international Premiere of Roppongi as the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival "the future of Asia" unit competition film yesterday. The film through the calm and warm narrative, the Japanese audience simple black-and-white images by texture, won critical acclaim, director Zhang Dalei also attended the audience after the video. In the face of the audience questions, visited Tokyo for the first time director Zhang Dalei witty and sincere simple half hour conversation won the applause of the audience. Talk about "August": from childhood experiences growing up as the debut, director Zhang Dalei chose young ray angle, reproduction of the Inner Mongolia film studio, he grew up in the last century reform comes before a summer vacation time. The chastity tone, non occupation actor and accurate performance, like the time flowing generally calm narrative, many music by director Zhang Dalei in the just perfect, his debut in the film show the excellent control ability, he called the idle deep in his childhood memories of debris, skilled and leisurely layout in the 105 minute story space. In yesterday’s premiere, the Japanese audience seem to work extra care and understanding, they grasp of the information to the director of Inner Mongolia slightly surprised, the scene audience asked the same year to attend the Tokyo Film Festival, Degna’s works of "August", director Zhang Dalei said he and director Degna are very good friends, two works are all concerned with the Inner Mongolia film factory, the director also introduced some information to the Japanese audience Inner Mongolia filmmakers. Talk about the Japanese film: the love scene Yasujiro Otsu talks, as Japan’s first visit of Zhang Dalei not surprisingly asked love Japanese director and film. Zhang Dalei said sorry, due to travel, missed here at the Tokyo Film Festival screenings for the works of Shunji Iwai, to stimulate their own film works first is director Shunji Iwai’s "August", and the first watch when I’m doing my own band. As for the love of the director is Yasujiro Otsu, and have planned second days to pay homage to the Kamakura Ozu sir, bought his favorite Suntory whiskey. A remark that won the audience’s smile. The staff also surprised to discover that there is a gray haired elderly audience, weeping at the mention of Ozu when director. After the scene interaction, the old lady found Zhang Dalei, asked him to sign on the poster, and introduced to the small director is her uncle. The old man in the expression of the "August" love, a piece of paper and write down the address took the initiative to Kamakura, recommend the director to patronize, because there was the director of the love Ozu restaurant. The windfall let Zhang Dalei excited for a long time, after signing the name to the enthusiastic audience to find the old man has left, unfortunately did not have time to take pictures and ask the name. It is reported that, in August, in addition to Tokyo, "Asia’s future" competition, but also a finalist in the 2016 love相关的主题文章: