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Australia Britain to jointly open FTA negotiations   hope to build strong bilateral relations: financial – according to foreign media reports, the Australian Trade Minister Steven? Joe Bo with 6 UK Trade Minister Liam? Fawkes in London held a meeting, the two sides will start from the preparation by the trade negotiations. But the two sides want to reach an agreement, but also need to wait until after the British officially left the eu. Chobot, 6, has been to London, London, on the establishment of free trade relations with the British government to explore the discussion. Qiao Bo said that Australia and the United Kingdom want to promote free trade agreements as soon as possible, but in fact may not progress too fast. But Chobot said that consultations with the Fawkes is fruitful, is conducive to the two sides in the UK after the EU to reach an agreement in the short term. Joe and Fawkes issued a joint statement Bo after the meeting said that Australia and the UK will choose the senior officials of the formation of a dedicated working group, to prepare for the two sides negotiate on trade, the working group will meet two times a year to discuss progress. The first meeting will be held in Australia in January next year. The negotiations will also refer to international trade standards, including the rules of the world trade organization. It is reported that in the United Kingdom before leaving the EU, Australia and Britain will not reach a free trade agreement. The two sides also expressed the hope that the working group to develop a schedule in order to ensure that the United Kingdom formally completed the process of leaving the EU, the two sides can quickly turn to the free trade agreement negotiations. Australia had previously expressed the hope that the establishment of a free trade agreement between Australia and Britain as soon as possible after the British take off europe. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh?? said Turnbull 5, hoping to establish a free trade relationship between the strong and the british. Joe Bo said, waiting for the official launch of the relevant trade negotiations with Britain at the same time, will also be with the EU free trade agreement between comprehensive consultations, the Australian government has been hoping to reach the target. Joe will depart for Brussels later this week to discuss trade with the European union. Britain held a referendum in June 23rd, as a result of the majority of British support for the United Kingdom from the eu. Britain’s "foreign trade" after the current foreign trade relations are concerned. Britain is now actively advocating free trade. It is reported that British Prime Minister Teresa? Mei is just the end of the twenty G20 leaders summit and other leaders to discuss issues with other countries of the new trade agreement Britain from the European Union, and stressed that Britain wants to be the global leader in free trade. The United Kingdom is also actively forming a team of negotiators, ready to take off after the European countries and the new bilateral trade agreement. Mei said that globalization is bringing about a more serious problem of polarization between the rich and the poor, should face this challenge, rather than abandon free trade, trade protection. She believes that countries should ensure that investment in vocational skills training and infrastructure construction, so that the workers really benefit from trade opportunities, rather than only a few privileged people benefit from it. At present, the United Kingdom officially leave the EU at least until 2017. Britain to touch the "Lisbon treaty" of the fiftieth terms, will be officially launched for a period of time相关的主题文章: