Austria broke a prostitution ring accused of forcing 150 Chinese women to prostitution – Sohu news jodie foster

Austria’s prostitution ring has been accused of forcing 150 Chinese women to become prostitutes, Sohu news, Austria police said". Source: Broadcasting British Corporation reported on November 15th, Austria police detained 7 Chinese and Austrian, they were accused of forcing at least 150 Chinese women in a number of brothels as prostitutes. Reported that these women have been recruited by a Chinese criminal gangs in China, they played the cover is to provide these women in Austria, or when the opportunity to work as a female masseuse abroad. Police in Austria said the women had to pay up to ten thousand euros in Austria visa fees, but also forced to submit passports. They were closely monitored in Austria and the money they earned was taken away. Austria investigators said, if these women want to run away, members of criminal gangs on violence against women. Reported that the victims were first sent to Vienna to work for a period of time, have been transferred to prostitution around Austria prostitution. Austria police raided more than 10 homes in the operation, and seized a fake identity, a pistol and a $30 thousand in cash and other currencies. Last month, the European Criminal Police Organization stepped up efforts to combat organized trafficking. According to Austria’s crown newspaper reported on 20, when the action in Europe, the arrest of 314 people, rescued the victims of the 529. In southern Austria, Carinthia became the focus of investigation, several illegal brothels in the state claggan Ford has been seized, the police in action also found the problem of drug trafficking. The survey found that Europol, the European pimps organization’s line, there is a path from the China route to Europe, some Chinese women become pimps organizational goals. According to Xinhua News Agency reported earlier, Austria in recent years is becoming an international transit station and destination country. Austria in Europe in central location, and Austria does not prohibit prostitution, but the establishment of a number of provisions, seeking an industry standard, which can take advantage of a criminal group. These years, some problems of the "joint semi legal" have plagued Austria, faced with Holland, Germany on the issue of the same challenges.相关的主题文章: