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Li Feng no longer serve as deputy director of Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress, Party Secretary 木村kaela

Li Feng no longer served as deputy director of Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress, the party secretary (Figure – resume) Beijing, Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress official website screenshot Chinese Economic Net Beijing on September 17th news recently, Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress official website of "column update, Li Feng no longer served as deputy director of Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress Party secretary. Li Feng Li Feng resume, male, born in 1953, born in Jiangsu province. The former Fuxin City, Liaoning Province Public Security Bureau police station instructor, Interpol brigade deputy commander, deputy secretary of the Liaoning provincial public security bureau Party committee, deputy director of the deputy director, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau deputy director of Liaoning provincial public security bureau party secretary, director of the office in October 2001, Liaoning provincial Party committee, the provincial public security department in March 2002 he served as the Liaoning Provincial Committee, provincial politics and Law Committee, the provincial public security department in May 2002, served as the Liaoning Provincial Committee and provincial Party committee secretary of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress in October 2011, served as party secretary. January 2012 – deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh Liaoning Provincial People’s congress. (resume according to China Economic Net)相关的主题文章:

Geely vision SUV upcoming listing of 8.09-10.39 million hamimelon

Geely vision SUV upcoming listing of 8.09-10.39 million geely vision SUV will be officially listed on the afternoon of August 28th. New car can be seen as Geely GX7 modified models, after the launch of the 4 models will be listed, including the 1.8L and of the two 1.3T displacement, the price range of 8.09-10.39 million. Geely vision SUV pre-sale price list models pre-sale price (yuan) 1.8L manual luxury 8.09 1.8L manual distinguished type 8.69 1.3T CVT 9.69 1.3T CVT luxury flagship 58CHE 10.39 WWW.58CHE.COM new background: earlier, Geely has exposed an internal code name for NL-4 models, after a period of time this internal code name for NL-4 car a new message may be named X6 vision. The last official name for the official vision of SUV, but the car is used as modified models of GX7 models in the future, the price and the location will be a continuation of previous GX7 models. The NL platform in addition to the prospect of SUV as well as the more Bo models, the future development of Geely and Volvo CMA compact model vehicle models may wait until 2019. The new bright spot: 1, design a GX7 type has a great change, ripple grille and other design elements are added to the family of the new car. 2, the original 1.8L and 2.0L naturally aspirated engine into the current 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and 1.3L turbocharged engine, while the 1.3T engine is matched with CVT gearbox. ESP 3 system, the whole system comes standard with BOSCH’s latest version 9.1, interior materials upgrade, increase the front seat heating and steep drop configuration function. "Introduction: new and maximum output power of 1.3L turbocharged engine for 98kW (133Ps), and the matching CVT stepless gearbox. The competitors: in the current domestic compact SUV market, as the long-term competitor to the SUV models is the Chery Tiggo 5, Harvard H6, BYD S6 and other models. Figure 5 left more than two small Chery Tiggo in BYD S6 models, the Harvard H6. "To store information: at present, the vision SUV has started in succession to store, consumers can consult the local dealer, asking about the deposit and pick-up time specific information.相关的主题文章:

GREE plans to build, LETV cross-border why have blocked – home appliances – People’s network

GREE plans to build, LETV cross-border why have blocked? — home — original title: GREE, LETV cross-border cars have blocked plans why? [Reuters] China appliance recently, GREE and the music in the center of the vortex of public opinion. According to recent news: in November 16th, GREE announced the termination of planning to issue shares to buy assets in Zhuhai. San San – November 17th news, music, as the money is currently being transferred to the United States Faraday future projects. GREE’s acquisition of silver dragon has failed, as the car project is still difficult to promote. Behind this vehicle program is blocked, the head of the two companies have suffered a crisis of confidence. GREE plans to build multi stranded imperative at the end of October GREE electric EGM, investors in GREE’s acquisition of long silver showed dissatisfaction, let Dong Mingzhu fly and broke out on the spot. Although the final acquisition program to get the approval of the general meeting of shareholders by 66.96%, but all the proposals on the support of the fund-raising was rejected by the shareholders of the 15. Information has been disclosed from the point of view, the key motion was rejected mainly against small shareholders. Participate in the EGM through on-site and online voting shareholders 5141, representing shares of 3 billion 260 million shares, the total shares of the listed company 54.2%, which represents 27% of the total shareholder equity in the day of the vote. Judging from the results of the vote, those who have passed the motion, the ratio of votes in favor of about 70%, while the bill was opposed to the majority of minority shareholders opposed to the motion. In "on the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations of the bill" as an example, the motion was against and no abstentions were 620 million shares and 444 million shares, and according to the statistics, small investors of the bill voted and abstention it was 620 million shares and 444 million shares. Small and medium-sized shareholders as "one-sided" attitude for the consideration of two aspects. On the one hand, it is the acquisition of long silver raised funds to increase the use of programs directly touched the interests of minority shareholders. If in accordance with the original plan, Dong Mingzhu shareholding ratio will rise from 0.74% to 1.3%, GREE electric appliances become the largest individual shareholders, small shareholders and total equity from the reorganization of the former 72.87% diluted to 58.65% after restructuring and related financing, small and medium-sized shareholders equity dilution significantly. On the other hand, is questioned from the GREE repairer plan. And do not say Zhuhai long silver price of 13 billion yuan is overvalued when alone, the investment direction is not secure cross-border cars. A long held GREE stock of small shareholders said: "I think GREE should be diversified, should be in the HVAC field, the diversification of the core technology for compressor, extending to the breakthrough in the original technology advantage. I support it bigger aircraft engine, but the phone, the car is too torn." After all, there is no successful precedent of household electrical appliance enterprises repairer. The evening of November 16th, GREE electric announced that the Zhuhai silver long base相关的主题文章:

About car drivers the ups and downs of net subsidies reduced, income fell cliff style (video) roxane hayward

About network driver ups and downs: reducing subsidies, income fell cliff 25, Qinghe Road shop Starbucks camp, in May last year, Wang Bin (a pseudonym) bought a car, has become a net about car drivers. Since August this year, the net about the car began to face more administrative review and less subsidies, Wang Bin has not tasted much sweetness, but now has been pushed to stay with the crossroads. Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang photo of Wang Bin is now a little confused, I do not know where to go. In May last year, he was 200 thousand yuan price, bought a black GAC Honda sedan, a full-time network about car driver. It is the key year net about car platform in full swing, take cities and seize territory. A few drops, and step about the car network platform in order to seize the market, crazy burn a subsidy war. Wang Bin suddenly felt his life becomes golden — from his monthly salary of five thousand or six thousand yuan courier, jumped into the middle earning twenty thousand or thirty thousand. A careless, to achieve the leap of the class. In Beijing, like Wang Bin, about 95 thousand of the car drivers, they were once indulged in the sharing of economic dividends. Some people even think that he is Lei Jun (micro-blog) in the mouth of the pig in the air to fly up. But the good times don’t last long. After the Spring Festival this year, Wang Bin clearly felt that the subsidies reduced, income fell cliff style, every day also faces the danger of the traffic control department fined. His friends continue to change jobs. In July 28th, the Ministry of Transport Ministry of public security and other seven departments jointly issued the "Interim Measures" of the network booking taxi business service management, network about cars to obtain legal status, the country will also implement the rules before November 1st; August 1st, drops and yuho announced the merger. Policy changes and the birth of monopoly giant brewing, which means that the network about the car industry will face more administrative licensing and fewer subsidies. After changing the way the whole community travel and network about the driver’s life, the end of the barbaric growth of the car about the era of the internet. Wang Bin had not yet had time to chew on the fruits of the economy, and were pushed to the crossroads. Fly the "pig" Wang Bin recently, friends of a switch. From mid August, the network about car platform incentives and subsidies to reduce, and even negligible, but Wang Bin would like to wait and see. Wang Bin is Henan people, 40 years old this year, has been nearly ten years in beijing. His wife and three children at home, waiting for him to earn money every month. He has no other skills, since bought a car, life is tied to the above. In September 22nd, Wang Bin deliberately put on a white shirt, black trousers, black shoes, go to the headquarters of the interview by. This is a bit of a ring of car driver certification. After obtaining the certification, he will be a priority to send a single system, but also easier to receive a single quality. According to the upcoming implementation of the new network about cars, through the platform authentication, he also admitted specifically for network about the car transport certificate and driver’s license, in order to become a legitimate network about car drivers. Last year, when he joined the network about the car industry, the procedure is quite simple. As long as the identity card and driver’s license on the network about the vehicle registration platform, the day will be able to operate on the road. Net about the car and the traditional taxi industry is completely different – the network about car drivers do not like taxi drivers face strict access control, nor need.相关的主题文章:

Beijing still has 2 million mobile phone number is not real name October 15th will be shut do jiuyaogan

Beijing still has 2 million mobile phone number is not real   October 15th will be shut down, communication channel, original title: the mobile phone number is not real will be shut down yesterday, reporters from the city network information office was informed that the Beijing area still has more than 2 million mobile phone number is not the real name registration. In July 15th, mobile, China Unicom, the three telecom operators in Beijing branch jointly issued "on the further implementation of the true identity of the phone user information registration requirements of the notice", October 15th, in the notice period of time did not go through the procedure of registration of the user communication services will be suspended in accordance with the law. Yesterday, the city through the tube, the city network letter to guide the capital Internet Association news conference held in 2016, the tenth meeting of the Specialized Committee, to further promote the implementation of mobile phone users to identify the true identity of the information. Recently, Beijing mobile through the official website, the number of public offering to fill up the notice, and to the total number of registered users did not publish the information to fill up 18 million times, but there are still no real name registration number 1 million 200 thousand. Beijing Unicom in August 1st launched a real name to fill up, as well as about 800 thousand number is not real name. Beijing Telecom has 350 thousand numbers not real name. It is understood that in 2016 the Ministry issued "on the implementation of the anti terrorism act < > notice" and other laws and regulations to further improve the true identity of the user information registration, clearly not the real name user does not complete the board, operators can stop the communication service. In July 15th, mobile, China Unicom, the three telecom operators in Beijing branch jointly issued "on the further implementation of the true identity of the phone user information registration requirements of the notice" said telecom enterprises will be phased through SMS, written letters, announcements, telephone and other means to inform the user registration or improve the real identity information. "Notice" also shows that since October 15th, in the notice period of time did not go through the procedure of registration of users, telecommunications companies will suspend communications services in accordance with the law. However, after the release of the three operators to fill the notice, the user is not high enthusiasm to fill the board. In this regard, China Mobile relevant responsible person said, first, because the user does not have the identity information and anti fraud and other telecommunications related things; two is a lot of people do not believe that operators will really stop it. Tongguanju and city network information office official said, mobile phone users real identity registration, to safeguard national security and stability, combating the spread of harmful information, prevent the significance of telecommunications fraud, the relevant departments will continue to strengthen the management of power according to the law, to promote mobile phone users real identity registration strictly implement. (commissioning editor Yang Bo and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: