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Outdoors Adorned with endearing epithets such as Pensioners Paradise and Air-conditioned city, Bangalore has .e a long way from its earlier laidback pace of life. Today, the city is a piping hot destination for corporate giants as well as casual travellers. In fact, the city with its plethora of attractions has made Bangalore tourism a force to be reckoned with in the South Indian travel industry. With more and young techies and other fired up corporate employees flocking to the city, Bangalore now pulsates with an almost palpable energy, especially evidenced at the nightlife haunts of the city. Furthermore, with a generous sprinkling of festivities adding colour to the already celebratory ambiance here, a Bangalore trip promises endless gala moments. So, here a little on what to look forward to in terms of nightlife and festivals in Bangalore. Bangalore After Sunset Nightlife in Bangalore has be.e a rage with more and more young people heading to the destination for their bread and butter. The most popular nocturnal haunts in town include I – Bar, Lock and Load, Tavern, and Pecos. I – Bar at The Park, assails the senses with its Five Star ambiance. Stags are also wel.ed here. The Lock and Load at Chairmans Resort is the place to be for those bitten by the bug for action-packed bars shown in Western flicks. This pub is exclusively dedicated to the Cowboy theme, .plete with hats, boots, and illustrations. Aptly named Tavern, this one has been artfully done up like an original English tavern, where high chairs and plush couches set the mood just right for a merry evening. For the younger crowd, Pecos at Rest House Road, remains a long-standing favourite. Great music, beer, food, and the works. Popular Festivals in Bangalore Festivals, both specific to Bangalore and national ones are celebrated with great gusto in the city. Some examples are Kadalekayi Parishe, Yugadi, and Karaga Festival. Kadalekayi Parishe or the Peanut Festival is centered around different Bull Temples. This festival is celebrated in November on the eve of the harvest of the years first groundnut crop. The Dodda Ganesga Temple at Basavanagudi is one of the merriest venues for experiencing the festivities. The Karaga Festival is celebrated in March/April and is dedicated to Shakti. Karaga refers to an earthen pot. People carry these pots on their heads, while circling the Dharmararaya Swamy Temple in a procession. Finally, the pots are floated in the Sampangi Tank. Yugada is the Kannada version of the new year and it is celebrated in March/April. Bangaloreans celebrate the festival with great regalia like in other parts of the state. Places to visit in Bangalore Some of the most popular attractions in Bangalore include ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna Temple, cubbon park , Ulsoor Lake, Tipu Sultans Palace, and Gavi Gangadeshwara. Weekend Getaways from Bangalore There are quite a few options for a quick trip from Bangalore. These include Nandi Hills, Talagvara, and Hogenakkal to name just three. Visiting Three Important Destinations from Bangalore Apart from dozens of fabulous places near Bangalore, one can easily explore destinations further away as the city is very well-connected to the rest of the country. Heres how to plan a trip to Chennai, Goa, and Mysore. Bangalore to Chennai The distance between these two places is nearly 300 km and there are many direct buses, flights, and trains for the journey. Flights take almost 45 minutes. Bangalore to Goa Goa is a little under 600 km away from Bangalore. Direct buses, flights, and trains are available for this journey as well. Train fares start at about INR 280. Flights get you there in just over an hours time. Bangalore to Mysore The distance is roughly 130 km. Direct flights are not available but its hardly a two hour journey by direct trains. Fares start at around INR 70. Direct buses are available as well. Weather in Bangalore One of the best things about Bangalore is its moderate climate. Neither too hot in summers, nor very cold in winters. However, Bangalore tourism reaches its peak during the winter months of October to February. Bangalore Rainfall Both the southwest and northeast monsoons bring ample rainfall to Bangalore. Usually, it rains the hardest during the months of August, September, and October. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: